It’s Palworld, the “Pokémon with a Gun,” now available on PC, Xbox, and Game Pass.

Palworld is a new open world survival game developed by Pocketpair and is available now. available for downloadexclusively on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Game Pass. Inspired by the Pokemon universe.Palworld introduces players to a world full of creatures called Pals that not only train, but also carry firearms, giving them the nickname “gun Pokemon.”

The Japanese studio plans to keep Palworld early access (Game Preview) for at least a year, during which they will update maps, introduce new content and improve the system. Depending on the progress made, a decision will be made on whether Early Access needs to be extended a little longer and an official release date will be set. Below you will find the launch trailer and all the information about this peculiar video game.

Basic and initial features of Palworld

Palworld presents wide range of functionsincluding monster training, combat, dungeon exploration, building, mounts, resource production (fire, electricity, etc.), breeding and buddy genetics, farming, factories and automation, and multiplayer up to 32 players and creation of objects. In addition, it has more 100 types of monsters, open world, more than 350 different objects and more than 70 types of buildings.

  • A world full of mysteries: Set in a hostile world infested with poachers, Palworld offers survival challenges where players must make difficult decisions in order to survive. Versatile and unique, Pala’s creatures can fight, breed, assist in farming, and work in factories.
  • Mounts and exploration: Embark on exciting explorations by land, sea and air in Pala, exploring a vast world full of mysteries and dangers.
  • Construction, production and automation: It brings together specialized experts in pyramid construction, power generation and manufacturing processes. Factory and automation are necessary as long as the buddies get enough food.
  • Crime, poaching and multiplayer: Palworld offers the opportunity to commit crimes and poach for rewards while remaining mindful of possible consequences. The game also features a multiplayer mode, allowing players to invite friends to join the adventure, fight and share experiences.
  • Reproduction and genetics: Breeding Buddies allows parents to inherit personality traits, allowing players to breed different Buddies to create stronger creatures.

During Early Access, even more elements will be added such as PvP (player versus player) combat, monsters, buildings, stages, dungeons, items and more. Pocketpair is also open to the possibility of introducing new game systems based on player ideas and opinions.

Palworld is now available on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox and PC subscribers, as well as €28.99 for Steam users.. The game offers a unique experience of survival and communication with armed creatures in a world full of challenges and mysteries.

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