“It’s still disturbing that such crazy discourse has a place to be”

Greater Wyoming It is said in davos forum He has learned a “valuable lesson” because, as many of them, “owners or executive directors of large companies, who have spent decades desiring more liberal governments able to weigh down the states,” he points out, have experienced that desire. Have seen it being completed.

presenter of intermediate states that, in Argentina, a ultra liberal Pure, xavier mileyWho gave a speech in front of the Davos Forum yesterday and Chronicles says it was great Expectation He explains that he had one of the world’s economic leaders on hand to listen to him and was given a warm welcome “until he opened his mouth.”

Argentina’s President started accusing socialism, feminism, against the state And, in general, “to release crazy things in machine gun mode,” he says, and points out that the same chronicles indicate that at the end of his speech “some attendees applauded without much enthusiasm and the rest stayed but bold Wondering: Is he drunk again?”, he comments.

However, it highlights that there have also been more focused speech and with one Vision A little more Social Such as Emmanuel Macron one of two pedro sanchez Or even “a fact so astonishing that it borders on surrealism.” More than 250 super-millionaires all over the world asked to pay more tax“, Account.

However he says that “it is still disturbing that a speech so crazy Like Miley has a place on a platform that brings together the most powerful people in the world.

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