It’s streaming and it’s perfect.

Its first season is considered one of the series’ masterpieces.

The best detective series has a clear winner: it's streaming and it's perfect.
You won’t be able to stop until you finish this series.

Detective series are usually one of the most experienced genres on both the big and small screens. They usually offer a certain level of quality. without any doubt and they also allow us to enjoy cases that make us think and the rather horrific experiences that feed that curious side of human society. This series represents perfect synthesis about what all black series should be like.

So join us to heal incredible serieswhich we can fully enjoy on streaming thanks to the fact that it is part of one of the most interesting production companies in the current list of platforms.

Heartbreaking story

An introspective series about what it’s like to solve crimes within the US detective system. He does several things, each over the course of a season. Thus, the main characters usually show the chaos that detective work brings themhow they will have to live with the past, face the future of exploration and, above all, discover that there are remnants on both sides of the law darkness that hides horrors.

Since it couldn’t be otherwise, the series is called True Detective and it is an untold commitment to quality. It’s a pity that maybe yours The main problem is lack of regularity.

Personally I stick to stellar performances from the season one duo. They are very difficult to defeat because They seem truly made for this role.. Despite this, the entire cast in this series is really good.

The strengths of this series are:

  • It is arguably one of the most famous detective series in history, and also one of the most beloved.
  • The highest level of its quality is in the first season, although they assure that the last one will be strong.
  • Each season stands on its own, making it very worth watching, even if it’s the first one, which is incredibly good.
  • There’s always a star performer in the cast, but overall everyone gives a great performance and it’s worth it in that regard.
  • The fact that each season stands on its own allows you to watch them in a way that allows you to determine when and how to watch them.
  • Overall this is an outstanding series.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the first season received a 91% positive rating from professional critics. Unfortunately, each season has been very irregular in this regard, so the results of each have been very different. Overall though, in my opinion, if you like film noir, it’s a guarantee that you’ll put a lot of hours into it. In my opinion, the worst season is the second one, which falls very level relative to what we saw in the first part. The third one returns and the fourth one is assured that he is at the level of the first one.

We see True Detective on HBO Max, which is one of the best bets on the platform and truly deserves every minute of your time. So get ready because The fourth season of this series will be released soon..

Watch on HBO Max

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