It’s the perfect learning companion

Robots are becoming an important ally when it comes to sports performance

This robot plays tennis better than you: it's the perfect learning companion
The robot reacts to movements and returns the balls.

Playing tennis is one thing, but watching matches and practicing is another. Perhaps this is one of the sports. Main thread it is more difficult to master because it requires racket control and strength to hit powerful shots. not everyone masters it. As in any other sport, you need thousands of hours to master thembut it seems that amateur athletes around the world have come up with impressive level of competitive robot.

The robot mounted on a wheelchair chassis looks like acting as a rally partner to many fans of this once elite sport. Thus, without the need for a visor and white equipment, this robot is able to react to our attacks and defend yourself fiercely return the ball to the other side of the goal. Let’s see what have they achieved.

Amazing robot

ESTHER (an acronym for Experimental Sports Wheelchair Tennis Robot) is a rather unique robot developed by a research group in the School of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The team named the robot after tennis player Esther Verger, a champion wheelchair tennis player.

In fact, the robot rides on an athletic yet motorized wheelchair chassis specifically designed for playing tennis. Thus, a racket is added to the robotic arm, and the seat is dominated by the robot body, which respond to our rallies.

That’s right, the robot is currently using mechanical training bring us a device that can play tennis autonomously.

Obviously, it still has a long way to go in development, but the creators’ goal is create a robot in the future which is able to react to all our movements, to be able to train with it and even look at each other to improve our skills.

It is clear that the enormous prospects that this type of robot has thanks to the development of artificial intelligence has been exponential in recent years and it is very likely that we will soon find them everywhere.

To summarize, we find the following:

  • A team of researchers has created a robot, ESTHER, that can play tennis.
  • Reacts to shots and returns balls.
  • Use a wheelchair with a mechanical lever on the seat for this purpose.
  • Although at the moment it is not very advanced.

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