J.Lo, Kylie and other celebrities in photos without filters

There is no doubt that technology and digital platforms offer the opportunity to make instant touch-ups to the images that are shared on social networks. The celebrities They know it better than anyone and they are willing to do whatever it takes to look perfect in each of their posts; Nevertheless, there are some indiscreet who reveal how they look without so much filter.

As intelligent women with a strengthened self-esteem that we must seek to be, we cannot forget that what appears on social networks and on the internet is not always the truth. Especially when it comes to the image of famous women, although it is good to admire them, one should not fall to the extreme of seeing them as totally perfect.

Behind those perfect photographs, there is a lot of work and even retouching that will benefit its protagonists. Although it is enjoyable to see such impressive arrangements, it is also It is interesting to see the famous as they really are, like women like you and menatural and relaxed despite the “need” they have to look good all the time.

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And it is even more curious to see comparisons of photos shared by celebrities, with those who get to publish their photographers, makeup artists and personal stylists. It could be said that these professionals are sometimes a little reckless, because they throw the event at their clients by showing them as they are.

Social networks currently offer a lot of material to identify the most spectacular women of the moment; We can mention Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner and the rest of the women of the Kardashian dynasty, and others who are the most followed on their accounts. But before getting to know them in their most everyday state, we must clarify that we do not want to discredit them.

On the contrary, what should be sought with these curious comparisons is to demonstrate to the women of the world that we can all be beautiful without the need to exaggerate with the use of applications and functions that cameras have to beautify faces, even though we are free to use them for reasons of comfort or aesthetics.

We can also learn from celebrities, who are image experts.

Likewise, we can also learn some of the keys that image and modeling experts have, to favor their own photo sessions. As you can see in the following video shared on TikTok, the photographs shared by celebrities are very different from those that their photographers post or those that are originally taken.

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As you can tell, the what does a woman look like in a photograph, It depends a lot on your pose and the lighting that the capture has. May these comparisons serve you to know what to do and what not to do when standing in front of a camera, and also to remember that all women are equally beautiful, even with defects and carelessness.

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