Jaén Institute of Forensic Medicine opens waiting room for family members

The Institute of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Medicine of Jaén, located on the ground floor of Dr. Sagas Hospital, has set up a waiting room for family members accompanying the body of a deceased person who, for various reasons, requires an autopsy. A “necessary” intervention consistent with the humanization of the public health system carried out by the Andalusian Health Service.

The territorial delegates of Health, Consumption and Justice, Local Governance and Public Functions Elena González and Javier Carazo respectively visited this new space this Thursday, together with the Managing Director of the University Hospital of Jaén Javier Vadillo; Director of Economics, Administration and General Services Avelino Rodriguez and IML Director Maria del Carmen Lopez.

The premises, which used to be part of a hospital canteen warehouse, have been completely renovated. Thus, we intervened in the wall cladding, creating a new division with the cafeteria area; a removable plaster ceiling was installed on the ceiling and vinyl flooring was installed on the floor. In addition, the room is completely painted, as is the front door.

In addition, new LED light screens and a matching emergency screen, as well as independent air conditioning and heat pump air conditioning, were installed as an energy efficiency measure.

The old door glass was also replaced with new reinforced glass, in the case of the entrance door from the outside; opaque glass in the existing access to the interior of the building and double glazing in the window.

In order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, six new high-capacity chairs and, among other elements, two vending machines selling food, drinks, coffee and infusions were installed. The adjoining bathrooms have also been adapted, providing one of them with the necessary elements for use by people with reduced mobility.

In parallel with the work in the room, the existing access steps to both this room and the mound and dissection room were demolished and replaced with a reinforced concrete ramp. At the same time, the width of the space was also doubled so that the funeral home’s cars could drive up to the door, making it easier to transport the coffins. The existing railings were also updated.


“We have come to respond to a request that we have discovered, which is nothing less than the need for family members who are traveling to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in connection with the decision to accompany the body of a deceased person to have a decent space in which to wait… in such difficult moments,” commented the health delegate.

In this regard, he noted that this is a very difficult time for families, and although they will later be able to view the body of the deceased at the funeral home, it is understandable that they go to the hospital to accompany him. An autopsy is currently underway.

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