Jaime Munguía defeated D’mitrius Ballard by knockout

Jaime Munguia kept his word and defeated by the way of knockout to the American, D’mitrius Ballard, The man from Tijuana went out to give it his all at home and sent a clear message to the world that he is ready to seek the world title.

The hobby of Tijuana responded to the call of Jaime Munguia, the Monumental Plaza de Toros was packed to see the triumph of the young boxer.

The first to leave was D’mitrius Ballard, the reception was hostile for the American, otherwise for, Jaime Munguia, who was supported by his fans.

In the first assault, both Munguia and Ballard, They went out to study, they had very few exchanges and the one forced to propose the fight was the one from home.

For the second round, Jaime Munguia, he released his arms more, began to work on his rival and sought to corner him to try to finish him, Ballard, walked the canvas and sought to avoid punishment, but everything has already been said to seek victory.


For the third assault, Eric Morales, told him to start releasing combinations to look for the knockout, the mission was clear, Munguia, came out like a lion ready to eat his rival, Jaime threw some volleys that hurt Ballard, the punishment was a lot and the American couldn’t take it and went to the canvas.

The referee gave him the protection account and Ballard He recovered a little from the blow, Jaime went with everything to finish him off, it was then that he connected a right straight and at that moment the American’s gaze was lost, the referee noticed that he was feeling bad and decided to stop the fight.

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