“J’aimerais les voir plus souvent…”

Maman de deux jumelles, Eva and Joy Greene, Marlene Jaubert and le bonheur d’etre grand-mère. Malheureusement, she did not pass by Noel with Giulio, 9 years old, and Vittoria, 10 years old.

Cinema icon, Marlene Jaubert, she is the perfect woman. At 83, the comedy, the story of Jean-Luc Godard and others, is based on children’s stories and a disassembled box of records and CDs called 3 Noel’s wonderful stories, chez Glenat Jeunesse. Grand-mère épanouie, elle a sans doute fait valider chacun de ses recites Giulio, 9 years old, and Vittoria, 10 years old, two children who were a girl Joy with the son of Marie Niccolò Marziki Lenzi, who married in 2011.

The poster for the film L says that Marlene Jaubert is the mother of Eva Green, who is currently filming a movie.in The Three Musketeers: Milady. But today this sister is very discrete. “Je n’aurais pas imaginé que chacune de mes Girls, qui sont jumelles, liveleurs qu’en France”the actresses explain in the magazine columns Gala. Or Eva from London, or her mène sa carrière, and Joy vit en Tuscane with her son, mar où elle gère un Domaine Viticole. When I see that everyone has an opportunity, it will create unity. Joy m’a donné two petit-enfants qui parlent Three langues et m’appellent grand-mère avec un accent et plein de R… c’est craquant. Eva, this is not very interesting for you, because it really is.

Marlene Jaubert’s Christmas party in June

Marlene Jaubert rejoiced at the idea of ​​passers-by for the anniversary celebrations with Giulio and Vittoria. Elle pourrait passer de jolis moment au coin du feu, à leur lire…

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