Jairo Joel González and the business for which he is accused of fraud

Jairo Joel González Durán is listed as the owner of a company that defines itself as specialized in investment advice in financial markets. To the customers of this company, Harvest Trading & Cappromised to return 8% of the investment in a period of three months.

As revealed by the journalist Nuria Piera in her journalistic investigation program “Nuria”, the company was created in May 2020 with a range of services that does not include any type of investment advice on the stock market. Contrary to the information offered on its website, which says that the company was created in 2014.

On January 25, dozens of people went to the National District Attorney’s Office to file a complaint against the president Harvest Group & Associates. And there are many who denounced in the television space have been scammed by this company that at first it promised them the return of 30% of the investment and that little by little the amount was lowered to 8%.

During the program, testimonies from various citizens were presented who claimed to have delivered to González’s company from 5 thousand to more than 100 thousand dollars.

Most of those affected belong to the evangelical church, who stated that they had trusted the word of Jairo González because he “sold himself” as a Christian man.

They also trusted him because the company operated from an executive office located in a tower in the center of the city and also the subject gave a course explaining the theme of the business and that, in addition to the economic power it exhibited, gave them confidence.

Jairo González showed an “impeccable” image before the population, even being recognized in magazines as a leader in telecommunications in the Dominican Republic.

The fantasy began to unravel for investors when after a year they began to face difficulties in receiving your winnings.

As they indicated to Nuria, the excuses that González gave them to justify the alleged fraud were endless. “They said everything, until the Superintendency of Banks had the funds blocked,” they said.

The excuses and the offices that were previously located on the avenues Núñez de Cáceres and República de Colombia continued. They closed their doors without giving an answer to anyone.

The whistleblowers tried to contact the employees of “Harvest Trading & Cap”, but no one answered the phone and the rumors were growing that all this “investment advice” was about a large scale scam of approximately 25 millions of dollars.

In the report presented by the veteran investigative journalist, professionals from the financial world compared this modus operandi with the famous “Ponzi” scam scheme, the same pyramidal structure that he criticized at every opportunity when giving interviews.

They have also come to compare him with Wilkin García, better known as “Butter”the owner of “3.14 investments” who is currently serving six months in pretrial detention for fraud.

Fraud and breach of trust These are the charges that have been filed against Jairo González. Within the group of complainants there are also Dominican citizens residing in the United States.

When being interviewed by Nuria, González he did not know how to explain the true services that his company offers nor why it does not have the permits to attract investments in cryptocurrencies.

Showing himself doubtful and nervous at all times, he said that the investors’ money is not in the Dominican Republic, but in Cyprus, an island of the European Union that has been a tax haven for many Russian fortunes.

And, when the journalist asked him about his academic preparation, he said that he had a master’s degree in Banking and Financial Markets from the San Miguel de México University.

He also said that he studied at the Andragogy Autonomous University from United States.

What is alarming about this statement is that Nuria investigated that the university was founded by himself according to the Florida Limited Liability Database, where he appears together with another Guatemalan citizen, Gustavo Roberto Torres Marroquín, as the head of the institution.

It should be noted that this Central American citizen was accused in 2010 of being part of a network for forgery and alteration of notes from the Faculty of Economics of the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, where he worked as a computer operator.

On the other hand, the defrauded citizens said that Jairo González has tried to contact them to persuade them to sign a release agreement in their favor, but they have refused.

If convicted, Jairo González He could face a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

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