James Gray talks about inequality in the movie “Armageddon Time”, starring Anne Hathaway

From the Cannes Film Festivaldirector James Gray presented his autobiographical film “Armageddon Time”. It is a production where Gray competes for the fifth time for a Palme d’Or and where he makes a strong criticism of capitalism.

The W knew the statements of James Graywho referred to the abuses against children.

“The idea of protect children it is historically recent, it evokes that Victorian era where the idea of ​​childhood is seen as something tender that must be preserved. Today children live brutal lives in all parts of the world, I can’t stand to see a child being beaten, but it was common 30 or 40 years ago, “said Gray.

Anne Hathaway He also said that it is a unique production in which the past can be observed without judging it. “You have a great point. everyone has the opportunity to decide how to act”, he indicated.

For its part, Jeremy Strong indicated: “does an unflinching work, exploring the quite personal experiences and the loss of innocence that young people suffer in this type of situation”.

About the Cannes Film Festival:

James Gray against capitalism in the autobiographical “Armageddon Time”

Set in the neighborhood of queensthe film revolves around an undisciplined boy (Banks Repeta) with dreams of being an artist whose parents, seeking the best for him -and understanding the best as conventional and safe-, take him out of public school to study in a private one .

The change distances him from his black friend and complicated family circumstances (Jaylin Webb) and makes him aware of the privileges of class and race in Reagan’s America, which in the film contains nods to that of donald trump.

For Gray it is “impossible” to look at the western world or at least your country and not see white privilege. “There are layers of privileges, the people who go to private schools have the superpower, they are going to be the owners of everything and the rest are left out, how to break the cycle? For me, that is a big topic.”

Mohamed Ali, the Beatles, the fear of a nuclear war or the beginning of the rise of the market idea, are concepts that appear in the film. “If you look at the graphs, the inequality curve started to rise in those years, there is a turning point around 1979-1980 ″, he maintained.

They were also the years of the end of the so-called new hollywoodof which James Gray claims to feel heir.

At 53, the director of “Ad astra” or “Z, the lost city” has said that he considers himself “old” enough to start looking back.

“I like to tell stories to my children at night, although they begin to not want to, and many times they have asked me about how I grew up, remembering and seeing the absences seemed like a ghost story to me and I started writing it.”

Jeremy Strongfamous for his character Kendall Roy in the series “Succession”, has confessed that he felt “terrified” at the idea of ​​playing the director’s father, an authoritarian man with great emotional management difficulties.

“You try to absorb what you can from the script, from its indications, but at the same time you have to have freedom to create and James gives it to you”, he assured.

Anne Hathaway He was moved to reveal that his own mother-in-law, who recently died, served as inspiration for the character. “My husband is Jewish and my mother-in-law has left a deep mark on me, it is something that I find difficult to put into words”, he pointed out.

He has also said that he perfectly understands that type of artist who knows from a very young age that he wants to be one because it was his case. “I was lucky to have parents who understood and supported me and I can say that it is possible to do it in a safe and warm environment.”

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