Januhairi: Madonna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus… These stars are experiencing their last day.

As part of the competition, Januhairy is offered to women who should not be wearing an epilator in January. This idea, which combines stereotypes and norms, was put forward in 2019 by 21-year-old Englishwoman Laura Jackson. She decided not to participate in the 2018 play for her son, who received a theater degree.“Il ya des aspects that m’ont vraiment ouvert les yeux sur le tabou de la pilosite feminine”. After a few weeks I got used to the month of exfoliation and started to strive for my natural hair… Je suis mesentie liberae. “I started to gain confidence in myself.”avait-elle I explained on Instagram.

After Laura Jackson inspired women’s names. “L’idée n’est pas de lancer une Campagne de haine contre celles et ceux qui ne comprennent pas qu’avoir des poils est tout à fait normal”, “More projects for students who know their memes and others”, at-elle revelé. Other people who have decided to follow this trend include Madonna, Lourdes’s girlfriend, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, Emily Ratajkowski, Angele, Grace Jones and others.

The stars accepted Januhair’s challenge

After she feeds tiny Daisy, Katy Perry decided to stop her joints pour time. : “Even though I’m a newbie, I have a lot of time, but I don’t have enough time to get rid of my jambs. When you sang, les poils de mes jambes ont poussé d’un cm et demi. Des frissons dans tout le corps! C’était incroyable”– the singer admitted. Idem pour Paris Jackson, which is not a genre that everyone likes during the day. Sur son compte Instagram, elle partage des cliches d’elle, sur lesquels ses poils sautent aux yeux.

For Emily Ratajkowski, a woman should avoid choosing whether to have an epilator or not. “Pour moi les poiles is another opportunity for women involved in sports to be able to choose (…) “Chaque Jour, J’ai Tendance à Aimer Me Raser, Mais Parfois, Laisser Mes Poils Se Développer est ce qui Me Fait Me Feel Sex”at-elle I explained in an interview on Harper’s Bazaar.

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