Jason Sánchez, Motagua footballer, vents on social networks after being a victim of extortion


Jason Sanchezone of the footballers of the motagua who was made official as a new player of the Honduras of Progressafter being transferred as a loan, broke the silence on his social networks for the alleged extortion experienced in the north zone.

The midfielder shared a story through his Instagram account, where he thanked the people who came to ask him about the tense situation he experienced with two of his companions in the Perla del Ulúa.

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“First of all, I would like to thank Honduras Progreso for opening the doors of their institution for me. Unfortunately, due to off-field issues, all our plans at the football level could not be carried out,” says part of the story.

He added: “Second, I want to thank my friends and close people for worrying about my health and that of my other two colleagues, thank God the situation did not get any worse and we are in our homes with our families.”


Jason Sánchez, Fabricio Galindo and Juan Ramón Gómez traveled to El Progreso in accordance with the assignment of a loan agreed with the Panteras de la Perla del Ulúa.

Days after his arrival in that city, TEN He learned that the boys from Tegucigalpa received an audio via WhatsApp where they were extorted.

The soccer players had to re-pack their bags for their return to Tegucigalpa due to the situation in El Progreso.

Jason Sánchez's message through his social networks.

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