Jasson Dominguez knew how to turn back his 2023. How are things going now?

Entering the final month of a memorable season in the Bronx, the Yankees really got a shot of excitement last September when their sought-after prospect Jasson Dominguez hit four home runs in his first seven Major League games. The Dominican made history at age 20, becoming the youngest Yankee to hit a home run in his Major League debut, the youngest in MLB to do so in his first visit to the plate, and the first to hit four home runs in his first six games. as a major league player

However, that excitement fizzled out after eight games for Dominguez, who eventually underwent Tommy John surgery on his right elbow that would keep him out until mid-2024. has been waiting for years since Dominguez became one of the most touted international prospects in history in 2019 when he signed for $5.4 million.

“Thank God, what I was able to do in these eight games… it definitely felt like I was in a different world, a different experience,” the slugger said.

Many may forget that 2023 did not start well for Dominguez, who was making his first extended stint in Double-A. In fact, the man from the Dominican Republic reached the halfway point of the campaign, hitting .204/.345/.346 at that level. Even The Martian came to the conclusion that the year had already been lost.

“I didn’t do very well in the first half,” Dominguez recalled this week. “By the start of the second phase, I basically thought, ‘Well, I’ve had 300 shifts.’ This is not the right time for me to raise this issue again.” I thought, “Concho, I’m going to start working next year.” “Start preparing to prevent something like this from happening.”

In other words, Dominguez already gave up last year. But in the process of “preparing” for 2024, he saved his 2023 with great fanfare.

“After that, I followed my normal routine, with a different mentality, and it didn’t bother me too much,” he explained. “And everything worked out.”

It’s not enough to say. Since the start of the second half of the season, Dominguez has improved across all offensive metrics, raising his batting average to .254/.367/.414 overall, with 15 homers and 37 stolen bases in Double-A. That earned him a promotion to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, where he hit 13-for-31 (.419). And, of course, we already know how those eight games against the big Yankees team went (four HRs, seven CEs).

“It was incredible because I thought he died that year,” admitted Dominguez, who turns 21 on February 7. “It happened so quickly, in a month, a month and a half. That was incredible. Everything that didn’t happen in the first half happened in the second.”


When Dominguez had surgery in September, he was told the recovery time would be nine to 10 months. With this schedule, the young man could return to the Yankees in July.

“The rehab is going pretty well so far,” said Dominguez, who is at the Yankees’ base in Tampa, Florida. “I feel quite normal. Obviously, no matter how I feel, there is a process that needs to be followed. But so far I have had no complaints, no relapses. I feel great.”


Of course, Dominguez got off to an encouraging start against the Yankees. And in the long term, he expects to become the team’s permanent central player.

However, much remains to be seen in 2024. When exactly will he return to the field? What will his playing time be like with Juan Jose Soto, Alex Verdugo and Trent Grisham currently in the Bronx? Will he be moved to Triple-A initially to get up to speed? What is known is that Dominguez will return to the Veterans Club in New York at some point this year to continue his training.

“It’s an experience that changes you, being in this environment with these people who already have their name and have already achieved success,” Dominguez said of his first appearance with a big team. “Look at how they act, look at how they act, look at how they work. “It’s definitely something that changes you and changes you for the better.”

And, of course, playing with his compatriot Soto provides an additional ingredient of Dominican flair.

“It’s an honor to play alongside Judge Juan Soto,” commented Dominguez. “I saw them on TV when I started in the minor leagues, and to be there and know that I have the opportunity to play with them is definitely something great.”

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