Javier Aguirre and the gamble of a Spanish journalist who goes around the world

Javier Aguirre
Javier Aguirre

Javier Aguirre It has been one of the trends in networks due to his statements at a press conference. The ‘Vasco’ team lost to Getafe by a score of 2-0, which complicates the Mallorcan team’s position in the table. Mallorca is currently in position number 11 in the table, 6 points behind European positions.

Within Aguirre’s statements, the Mexican coach believes that the team’s image must be improved after he accepted that the World Cup break affected them. However, within the highlight in networks was the gamble that Javier Aguirre left one of the journalists who were at the press conference.

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Everything arose as a result of the journalist’s question, who was corrected by Aguirre himself when he said that he misinterpreted his previous statements, to which the journalist ended up agreeing with him. Therefore, Aguirre made use of popular wisdom to give a gamble as an example: “It smells like junk that behind you is not the same…”.

Spectators laugh at Aguirre’s humor

Several fans showed their laughter on social networks to applaud the example of Javier Aguirre. “Javier Aguirre… Genius and figure…” commented journalist Fernando Cevallos, or “Javier Aguirre and his magic in conferences” by commentator Pedro Antonio Flores. For what several fans also applauded the sense of humor of the ‘Vasco’.

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