Jenna Ortega: “A kiss reminiscent of strange and crazy stories”

Jay, I loved it Beetle juice when I was your child. This is a cult film. What is the connection between entertainment and cinema?
“J’ai toujours” intended to make this film. I think the premiere was that I saw you, c’était chez Friend. As part of the suite, I’m looking at what’s happening on TV in honor of Halloween. In fact, I think you know what Beetlejuice is even before the movie. Je savais also qui etait Lydia. You are able to recognize costumes. They wear voyait partout à Halloween.

On va sûrement de nouveau les voir partout!
Yes, I’m just a path that reanimates the worlds of cinema. Aujourd’hui, les studios veulent atirer les gens dans les salles. And there are fonts for reboots or sets for this, but I found that there is a Beetlejuice à la vie option, which is different. C’est une bonne chose a car on a kiss from revoir des histoires étranges, dérangeantes. Il faut montrer de l’art aux jeunes generations qui sont toujours sur leur smartphone. Plus it’s weird, mieux c’est.

Can we tell you what you played and what happened in the film?
I’m not saying that I can be depraved or na, most of all, I love Astrid, Lydia Dietz’s girlfriend. She is strange, different, but not for thinking. The relationship between Lydia and Astrid has three important meanings. Il s’agit de rattraper los temps et de recoller los morceaux. Great if you want a Lydia character and can’t wait for a retro look.

J’essaie d’imaginer à quoi resembles your character. Vous êtes la fille rebelle et étrange de Lydia, et du coup, j’imagine quelqu’un de gloriant, de Solaire, de joyeux.
(laughs) Je ne dirais pas qu’elle est Bright et Solaire du Tout. Astrid is not the opposite of Lydia. All children who are rebellious and hot-tempered are known to their parents. They oppose what their parents want. Astrid does too, but she’s not the only person who wears a rose and has a girl with a pompom. Disons qu’elle positionne contre le passé de sa mère.

Dance le premier Beetle juiceLydia declares: “Je suis moi-même étrange et Residentuelle.” This quote is iconic.
Yes. For me, Lydia is the coolest character that is like that. Ce n’était pas évident pour moi devoir jouer quelqu’un qui roule des yeux quand elle parle! Voila, it’s super fun in the game again.

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Vous avez dit que les épisodes de la nouvelle saison de Mercredi These are independent people who are a kind of small film in their place, and this is penche plus vers l’horreur.
Yes, it’s that I save scripts that I love. We can’t start the tour. Deux ans seront écoulés when the second season tournament debuted. Further, I require that I complete all the actions, and this does not mean that I prepared. I do not consider myself an adherent of the “acting method” (Stanislavsky, NdT). In the rematch, I think this is the most important thing for immersion in the pendant over time. Du coup, il est peut-être temps pour moi de venir un peu plus sarcastic and reviews the films I met in l’ambiance de Bug juice! La Lection Descenarios a été Passionnante. I loved discovering new people. L’univers est surnaturel. The series understands the types of loup-garou and vampires, but then there is a peu plus a loin in this foie-si.

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