Jenna Ortega and Pedro Pascal present the 2024 Emmy Awards!

The 75th Emmy Awards will take place on January 15. On this occasion, the presentation was attended by Pedro Pascal and Jenna Ortega.

The 75th Primetime Emmy Awards will open on January 15 in Los Angeles. Ainsi, animation stars of the evening, in the star of Jenna Ortega or the encore of Pedro Pascal. MCE TV – your story from A to Z!

What’s Jenna Ortega’s future in film?

In l’espace de quelques mois, Jenna Ortega Becomes Hollywood’s New Cockeluche. In fact, a star Mercredi Jouit d’une toute nouvelle popularité. C’est le moins que l’on puisse dire!

Ainsi, he will bring together ambitious film projects. The public has had success in retrospecting many people’s franchises. À l’inverse, this is also Leave navigation through the great horror saga.

In fact, in November 2009, Jenna Ortega I deleted the saga scream. Et elle n’est pas la seule. Her playing partner Melissa Barrerra did too. Ainsi, the saga goes back to the line of the two main actresses. Yes!

Another pas de panic. Your Purrona fans retrover dance Beetlejuice 2. Yes, Tim Burton turned to a young woman for this new film. Sela promised du Lourou. Rien que ça!

Other rumors are telling meme role in franchise reboot twilight. In short, Jenna Ortega is not captivated by audiences in the horror and weird cinema milieu. Ugh!

The day before, the 21-year-old actress will take part in the animation of the prestigious ceremony. In fact, the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards will take place on January 15th with a different cast. MCE TV vous en dit plus!

The actress brings the Emmy Awards to life

On January 15, the film world heralds the final round of the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards. On occasion, some actors throw a soirée. Ainsi, first names on été devoilés.

Dans le lot, in retrospect Jenna Ortega, Pedro Pascal, Quinta Brunson, Stephen Colbert, Juno Temple or Brett Goldstein for an encore. Cela fait du beaumonde sur le Tapis Rouge!

“Diverse talent represented by critically acclaimed television series and Emmy-nominated programs across vision platforms and genres.”The Television Academy announced this, Variety reports. Rien que ça!

I didn’t get enough rest to see Jenna Ortega in this new role. The cameras were not damaged, they were in danger cinema plates.

it’s the same It’s very nice to prepare for other ceremonies. In fact, the 2024 Oscars are approaching their grand finale. Ainsi, the Emmy Awards are prepared all over the world at the highest level.

Apart from this joyful group of actors, none of the other fullers on the red carpet Jour J. Eh oui, ce genre de soirée est toujours offer you a star fashion show. Leskel responded to the appeal? Secret…

In all cases, fans of Jenna Ortega and the movie will be released on January 15th. Il ne reste plus qu’à trouver un pledge, or he wants to branch out to Fox.

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