Jenna Ortega, Angelica in a transparent corset, se devoile comme on ne l’a Never seen

Avec l’année qui s’achève, this is the occasion for many substitutes for souvenirs from the 12 months. Un retour vers le passé qu’a justement entrepris Enrique Melendez, stylist of Jenna Ortega, in viewing mode. Ce mercredi December 27, celui qui se Cache derrière le Style impeccable 21-year-old actress and devoted to her son Compte Instagram un unpublished view your client. The case of the discovery of a star Mercredi like never before in his son’s gothic costumes in the Netflix series.

Jenna Ortega in a romantic white robe and sheer dress.

Photos and videos participating in the social network, Jenna Ortega Apparaît Ainsi Absolument Divine in Angelica’s white robe, everything is transparent. Magnificent creation Zuhair Murad He who mixes style influences the past and the modern. If the corset has all the rights of a new era, then liquid translucency is the ultra-trend. Canyon! This robe is also romantic and sexy and goes perfectly with Jenna Ortega and her son col bardot qui sublime ses épaules et This is a transparent jupe, revealing its joys through the fabric.. A pair of platform sandals with vertiginous heels from Gambettes allongées, signed Jimmy Choo.

“Now, when I look at the photo of my album, I understand thatI say that it looks the way I adore and that I have never been wrong about the avant-garde.. Like Jenna Ortega in Zuhar Murad and Jimmy Choo. Wait until you see professional photos of this tenue un jour! », wrote Enrique Melendez in the title of his publication. He will understand why the star’s stylist will meet you at the forefront. Jenna Ortega said outright that it was a passer-by injury in a cat. After multiplying ten black pendants, promotion Mercredi, Collant Parfaitement in the style of “Wednesday”, the comedy-drama looks impeccable. Et le blanc lui va si bien qu’on start as if it were a color.

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