Jenna Ortega faces a completely different challenge than she did in season one.

In the second season of “Mercredi”, Jenna Ortega, the star of the mission, faces the new Defi, the trigger also in another Netflix series. Quels seront ces défis, pensez-vous?


  • Jenna Ortega and the second season Mercredi font face à de nouveau défis.
  • The release date for season 2 is still unknown, but the tour is set to begin in April 2024.
  • The pressure is on in Season 2 to capture the audience’s attention.
  • Mercredi becomes more important to Netflix in the end Stranger Things.

New hyphen de Mercredi and Jenna Ortega

season 2 Mercredi And star Jenna Ortega faces an ensemble of characters radically different from the first season. Mercredi a fait ses debuts just in time for the 2022 Thanksgiving holiday. Rapidement après, Mercredi battle with audience recording Stranger ThingsIn addition, Ortega becomes one of the most popular young actresses in Hollywood.

The pressure and attention increases in the second season.

Alors qu’il y avait beaucoup d’excitation author of the foray Mercredi, for the reason given by Tim Burton, attention is difficult to gauge. Previous projects are implemented in the lives of all families, where the Netflix series enters into unknown territory, which they concentrate on mainly on Wednesday and during the Nevermore Academy. Even as the series and Jenna Ortega become the focus of Netflix, the pressure for a second season is greater and the focus on the story Mercredi et des personnages secondaires sont plus élevées.

MercrediNetflix’s new pillar

This is no secret for the person who Mercredi est become a replacement Stranger Things pour Netflix. Avec end of the chain Stranger Things in the style of the fifth season, Netflix Mettra Encore plus l’Accent Sur Mercredi as a strong point of Sa programming. Plus d’efforts is likely to respond to popularity Mercredi de maniere that will serve the audience. Cela pourrait means grandiose production and affairs, as well as long periods between seasons, which chose that Stranger Things continuation of the son’s existence.

What are you thinking?

The pressure is certainly up in season two. Mercredi, more than anything else, the undeniable talents of Jenna Ortega and the creative team on the show will probably be in the high-profile suite. If Netflix wants to maintain a balance between fan satisfaction and story innovation, Mercredi pourrait bien s’inscrire as a series of books for future years.

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