Jenna Ortega: free information about the upcoming second season

Presentation of the latest Emmy awards in defense of the premiere season Mercredi, Jenna Ortega in Profit for the Books, which details the suite and those in attendance. And now the second season of the Netflix series authored by Tim Burton is rich in strong emotions.

“I got the part in the script for season two and the final cut, which I chose was plus terrible,” the 21 actress assures E! News. “These are clothes, clothes, enthusiastic because, all in a long series, Mercredi fits the trajectory without the need to change clothes. C’est ce qu’il ya de merveilleux à propos d’elle. »

Une façon de dire que sonnage sera toujours aussi froid, cassant et incisif que dans la première saison!

About horror, but also about action

“Il ya quelques très, très bonnes zest,” Jenna Ortega’s encore promise. “Everything is bigger and more charged in action. I thought this episode would be somewhat disconnected from the movie, but that’s okay. »

Quoi qu’il en soit, il faudra encore patient until I settle in for the second season Mercredi, laquelle a été très retardée par le mouvement de grève qui a secoué Hollywood ces derniers mois. If the tournament takes place in the summer, it will take place without long previews in 2025 before the suite of adventures of de Gomez’s wife and Morticia Addams arriving on the great streaming platform.

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