Jenna Ortega rocked her shade at the advance premiere of Miller’s Girl, which fans are loving!

On January 11, Jenna Ortega became a real sensation in the film “Avant-garde Premiere of the Son of Prochain,” filmed in red colors. Miller’s girl. The actress greets her fans in a bold white mini-robe.

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Attention, les yeux. After completion the remarker into the series Mercredi On Netflix, Jenna Ortega walks the streets of grandees. About a retrospective in a cult film scream Two pre-announcement reprises are taken from the horror saga. The actress is associated with the roles of shadows that are very happy, like in a thriller. Miller’s Girl de Jade Hallie Bartlett, who will deal with the prochain on January 26 aux États-Unis. On January 11, the comedian turned heads in drag with photos on the red carpet at the film’s avant-garde premiere. Miller’s Girl at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Jenna Ortega is a real sensation with great pleasure for her fans. He is wearing an ultra white mini robe with an ultra ponytail signed by Valentino. (Springemps 2024 collection), which is worth putting together with two Brodées de Fleurs straps. The star accessory looks like a tour de cou in a satin and escarpine rube from Christian Louboutin. An absolutely white look is a plus of temptation.

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Fans of Jenna Ortega are eagerly awaiting the actress’s look at the film’s premiere. Miller’s Girl

Jenna Ortega’s shade is no longer visible on social media. “I can not talk“, “Est-ce, that the whole world is breathing for an encore?“, “Wow, this robe is super and gorgeous“, “Well, do me a favor to give me back the salt.“, “This robe is the clothing of three Jolies.“, “She tells the beauty“, – some Internet users commented on it.parfeite“.

Miller’s Girl : What is this new thriller with Jenna Ortega?

If you find an encore date, it will be announced for departure. Miller’s Girl In France, a film summary must be sent when booking cinema tickets. Jenna Ortega in the dramatic thriller Cairo Sweet, an 18-year-old literature student. Rehearsing the son of professor Jonathan Miller (Martin Freeman) for his talents in the field of literature, she is a myth, not a challenge for one girlfriend out of seduction. L’élève et l’enseignant vont alors jouer à un jeu dangerous games in lequel ils devront éviter de se perdre.

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