Jenni Rivera: “Are you alive, mija?” New post on Instagram reaffirms her return in 2022

Jenni Rivera would be back in 2022, at least his musical legacy. This after your account on Instagram will register an update with a snapshot that shows the year with a dark background.

In the social network, which has little more than 1.5 million followers you can see a single publication that is the aforementioned snapshot, which is even repeated in their stories.

The foregoing caused social networks to explode before a possible “reincarnation” of the singer, who on December 9 will fulfill 10 years missing. However, from the moment the artist lost her life in an unfortunate plane crash, rumors and theories have emerged that ensure that the interpreter is still alive.

Is Jenni Rivera alive? This says his family

Given these rumors, the Rivera family itself has asked the followers of the so-called Band Diva to stop asking them if the interpreter of “In exchange for” She faked his death to, presumably, avoid the debts she had with the Treasury.

“There are many people who live by us speaking well or speaking badly. I want to ask the public to forget to ask us if Jenni is alive. It is false. What would we not give for her to be alive? “said Pedro Rivera, father of the artist, in statements quoted by Los Angeles Times.

However, it should be remembered that the Rivera family commented that there was material from the singer for new music, which in fact, they presented on a posthumous album just a few years after the tragedy. Even so, the family keeps the interpreter’s legacy alive with unpublished material, such as the one presented through Amazon with “Raíces”.

In this short documentary, you can see passages of the artist when she was little, as well as other aspects of her family life. The material was presented as part of the celebration for the 10th anniversary of her concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where the singer had a “Sold-out”; as published in 2021 by the Informant.

Given this, it is possible that the Rivera family is preparing musical material for Jenni Rivera, which will be released shortly for their followers.

Social networks explode for the “resurrection” of Jenni Rivera

In social networks, Internet users did not miss the opportunity to launch jokes and memes after being surprised by this update.

From political issues to “comebacks” or collaborations with BTS, Internet users multiplied the jokes, making Jenni Rivera’s name a trend.

Jenni Rivera, a new post on Instagram

During the afternoon of Wednesday, February 16, Jenni’s Instagram account made a new update in which you can see what appears to be the cover of a new studio album and that apparently, according to what her followers identified, it would be a new proposal. which would be released this year through Spotify.

Postings on Instagram come amid media disputes between the stylist’s family Jorge Armando “Gigi” Sanchez and the Rivera family, whom they accuse of not having responded to their requests for compensation for their loss.

On February 1, the Sánchez family’s lawyer made a call to Jacqie Rivera, the new CEO of the late singer’s companies, to receive them: “Let him know that we as lawyers are not going to rest, no matter what that has to happen and the time that has to go by until we get justice done,” warned Alejandro Jiménez, quoted by Univisión.

Although the legal representative has not commented on the matter, Jenni’s daughter; “Chiquis” declared that both she and her brothers are waiting to meet with the family of those affected.

Jenni Rivera and the plane crash that took her life

As will be remembered, Jenni Rivera concluded a concert in Monterey after which she boarded a small plane during the early hours of December 9, 2012, bound for Toluca But I never arrive.

The Lear Jet 25, registration number N345MC, in which she was traveling collapsed in the Eastern Sierra Madre in the municipality of Iturbide, in Nuevo León, leaving no survivors in the incident, which claimed the life of the pilot and the companions of the so-called “Mariposa de Barrio”: Arturo Rivera-Ruiz (public relations), Jacob Yebale (makeup artist), Sanchez (stylist) and Mario Macias Pacheco (attorney).

At the time of her death, Jenni Rivera presented herself as “coach” of “Mexico’s voice” which that Sunday issued a tribute to his memory.

To date, there are several theories regarding what happened that morning since it is suspected that it was not an accident, but an attack against the artist, who allegedly was threatened by armed groups not to appear that night in Monterrey, a warning that -it is said- she did not take into account.

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