Jennifer Aniston is no longer afraid of carbohydrates and changes her diet


The American actress of “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston, revealed that he recently got over an obsession with his food and ai carbohydrates. His worst enemy? The basket of bread on the table in the restaurant. “I started by giving myself a break, treat yourself to some pasta or a sandwich”, he told recently in an interview for People.

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“They are all afraid of bread, I’m not anymore, what matters is know each other moderate, then continued the actress. To date we see her super fit, but for years the Aniston removed the carbohydrates, stated that even his body has begun to love his new diet ‘caloric’. “There must be something my body particularly appreciates about eating carbohydrates, it’s like it says: ‘Oh thank you very much, why did you deprive me of all these lovely things? “explained Jennifer.

Jennifer Aniston confession
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Speaking of her nutrition, Aniston later stated that she follows the intermittent fasting 16 8– a diet that consists in avoiding solid foods for 16 hours, to be consumed in the remaining 8 hours “just because i am not a person who loves breakfast. I just take a cup of coffee with my supplement “, he then curiously revealed. Not just the meal plan, but hers as well workout plan has changed since, after agrueling training session in October fainted and he could no longer get up from the ground.

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Jennifer Aniston diet: “Slowly I’ll start running again”

From hard strengthening exercises the Californian star has passed to Pilates which strengthened her back muscles. A sport with which he learned to love her body more. For a long time Jennifer could not run, despite being a discipline he loves very much. But slowly he is re-inserting running into his training, in a different way of course. In short, a new life for the Hollywood star!

Jennifer Aniston is no longer afraid of carbohydrates
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