Jennifer Connelly: bonbeis from Zermatt

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There are probably three on vacationJennifer Connelly: bonbeis from Zermatt

L’Actriceprofite en famille, ce weekend, des pistes de la Station Valaisanne.



Jennifer Connelly, tout sourire, sur un télésiège de Zermatt.  C'était Samedi dernier, version 14:00, we welcome the artist's publication on Facebook.

Jennifer Connelly, tout sourire, sur un télésiège de Zermatt. C’était Samedi dernier, version 14:00, we will add the artist’s publication on Facebook.


“Greetings from beautiful Zermatt” is advertised simply as actress Jennifer Connelly on the same Facebook page where you understand that the small car is also immortalized, prend and an undoubted holiday on the slopes of the Valezan station.

Sur la photo postée, at the opening of le sourire éclatant de la comédienne sur laquelle l’age ne semble pas avoir Prize. By divine judgment it is good that they are accompanied by three children, Stellan, Agnes Lark and Kai.

Pas de trace en revenge of Marie’s son, British actor Paul Bettany, father of Stellan and d’Agnes Lark (Kai is not formerly related to the photographer David Dugan).

Jennifer Connelly is most familiar with the 80th anniversary of her appearance in the children’s Il était une fois en Amérique, Sergio Leone’s last feature film. The entire generation is an encore treat plus a special role as Sarah’s son in Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. Plus the return, she became the marquise of the nets for the son of the role of Penny in her performance. Top Shot: Maverick and Infâme Melanie in the series “Adaptation” Snow piercer.

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