Jennifer Lawrence can’t benefit from her son’s marriage?

On October 19, 2019, he recorded a tribute to Jennifer Lawrence. This is the date of the comedian who came together in the news with his companion Cooke Maroney. But unlike others, she doesn’t think of marriage as a wonderful life!

Paired with Cook Maroney, an American art dealer, since 2018, Jennifer Lawrence plays “Oui!” on October 19, 2019 in Newport, Rhode Island. The magnificent ceremony took place at the Belcourt estate, with a batis inspired by Louis Diaz. The couple is found in small venues, in large venues, in the company of a wedding planner and in the menu of festive events of the original type, like a cake to taste, prepared with two servings, and a braised poisson in the form of a plate de resistance. For dessert, we invite you to enjoy a pudding with chocolate, feu de bois and marshmallows at home, and it will be delivered spectacularly! Pour autant, la comédienne ne garde pas que des bons souvenirs du plus jour de sa vie!

It’s stressful. You didn’t have fun. Vous vous demands simplicity: “Est-ce que cette personne s’amuse? Je n’oublierai jamais. J’avais peur que les invités aient froid et tous mes amis mentaient en disant: “Personne n’a froid, personne n’a composure, tout va bien, tout va bien“, I confessed Eh! News star The Hunger Games. “Sa mère est la seule à avoir osé lui dire les chooses telles qu’elles étaient, en lui précisant que sa grand-mère avaitfailli”Mourir de froid dehors!“.

Jennifer Lawrence was a young sister, and she was a constable for actor Robert De Niro, who was missing the holidays. “I was Bob, who was not a man who just wanted and je me suis dit: “Non, il n’a pas envie d’etre là. (….) Alors, je suis allée le voir et je lui ai dit en chuchotant, “Rentre chez toi.” But he was a gentleman and wanted to talk to my parents,” as well as a comedienne who was the soul when the sacred monster of American cinema was finally resolved! If the marriage became a source of stress, Jennifer Lawrence became a happy woman son époux Cooke Maroney, surtout qu’ils ont Accueilli un petit garçon prénommé Cy en fevrier 2022!

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