Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted inside their $64 million mansion

It seems that the $64 million mansion in Pacific PalisadesCalifornia, if it is the final choice of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afflecka decision that has taken him several months to make.

A few days ago it was said that the couple had already settled on a 16,000-square-foot property and now the couple was photographed inside the property with a group of contractors.

There is no information about what he was doing during this visit and it is hoped that after it they have not changed their minds. Weeks before specialized media had assured that the two actors would have paid $34 million for a mansion in the same area.

It is also possible that the visit was to evaluate and begin remodeling projects that make the new home the ideal one for both of you.

Jennifer López was seen in various areas of the new property/ Photo: The Grosby Group.

There is no information on the exact date of construction of this propertybut in the photos disseminated by various media they have revealed the good condition of its facade.

The couple’s supposed new home is also known to span a lot of 1.13, while its main house has an extension of 16,000 square feet distributed over three floors with nine bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, hall, living room, main room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and other amenities.

The green areas of the property also appear to be in the best of shape. Among the spaces to enjoy the outdoors is a terrace, fire pit, swimming pool, spa area, dining room, children’s playground and much more.

Before arriving at this property, the couple approached different types of mansions in the best areas of Los Angeles. Even, in June 2022 means They assured that they had found the perfect residence in Beverly Hills for $60 million dollarsbut this information turned out to be false.

Lopez and Affleck were also seen during the search in Bel Air.

While all of this was going on, the couple also began listing other properties that they had separately purchased. At the moment singer-actress asks $42.5 million for Bel Air property which belongs to him since 2016.

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