Jennifer Lopez is a sensation with an ultra-fashionable “mob wife” look

In 2024, it is impossible to pass by a cat. The “mafia wife” trend (“femme de mafieux” in French) is partly part of the sur les réseaux sociaux. Inspired by gangster movie characters such as Elvira Hancock (Michelle Pfeiffer) in Scarface or Ginger McKenna’s encore (Sharon Stone) in Casino, the trend predates works that feature 4D imitation coats and animal prints. , large jewelry and sexy clothes.

>To discover equality: Jennifer Lopez becomes a sensation in a stunning low-cut dress and incredible Orne de Fleur cape.

Total white and silver look

“Mob Wife” left behind several famous names, such as Hailey Bieber, her partner Kylie and Kendall Jenner or Dua Lipa, who performed as an encore. But these days, Jennifer Lopez is considered the undisputed queen of this look. Preview of the latest appearance of Saturday Night Live. La chanteuse a devoilé un incroyable Total Look blanc et argenté qui n’a paissé ses indifferent fans. The holder is a mulane robe with a vertiginous neckline, equipped with a necklace adorned with rose sequins. The piece is paired with a long coat made from impeccable four-layer fabric and a pair of ankle boots with silver sequins. And this isn’t the first time JLO has played a “mob wife.” Manteau en fourrure, trousers in a skirt, XXL lunettes or an ultra-sexy encore robe… Jennifer Lopez enthusiastically embraced this look.

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