Jennifer Lopez: “Je suis me suis Retrouvée dans des des Relations Toxiques”

Jennifer Lopez is finally back on tour. There’s no romantic comedy (Marry Me in 2022), no action movie (Mother in 2023), no romantic action movie (Shotgun Wedding in 2023). This is nothing more than a comeback with collab’mod (Intimissimi, Coach, Ralph Lauren), nor a cosmetics line (JLo Beauty), nor a Spritz line (les DeLola spirits). In this exciting debut, Anne’s indefatigable housewife recalls her favorite habits: ceux de la chanteuse. Vingt ans après son album “This is me… then” où elle chantait l’amour qu’elle portait à son fiancé d’alors Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez like ces jours-ci “This is me… now” où elle chante l’ The love she wears two decades later on her New Year’s Eve, her Ben Affleck meme, with whom she remains at rest after molting. The performer, actress, actress, superstar who never made a choice accompanies the album with a big budget, in the manner of Beyoncé. Un album visuel donc, dans lequel elle incarne son propre rôle – celui d’une amoureuse naïve qui finit par réaliser que sa grande histoire d’amour, c’est avec elle-même…Truffet of surprises, plagues and scenes de Danse Spectaculaires, ” This is me now: a love story” illustrates an album that, s’il fleur bon le R’n’B des années 2000, n’a rien de nostalgique. “Resolution Tour Against the Future” Jennifer Lopez, 54, confirms simply the status of a symbol. Exclusive fun with a superstar.

EL. – This is your main album for this decade. What is December?

Jennifer Lopez. – J’ai écrit “It’s me… then” when Ben and my tombs are in love with you and your feelings. C’était la première fois de ma vie que je resentais un amour aussi fort, comme si j’avais trouvé mon âme sour. Le destin nous – permission to return in another life. This new album “This is me… now” is inspired by this second chance, an incredible miracle in which I was not present. I am an incorrigible romantic throughout my life, and I have to answer the questions: does great love exist? Est-ce qu’il peut durer pour toujours? So we know no. Aujourd’hui, je crois que oui, l’amour dura toute une une vie. It is not a linear compulsion, it is not like what you imagine, but it is a form of love that is not thirsty. This is what I know. And this is what I envy the one who shares the whole world. Il était temps de refaire de la musique.

EL. – You now have a new album, similar to the suite “This is me… then”. I found an example of the chanson “Dear Ben, Part II”, as well as a clene d’oeil “Jenny from the Block”…
DL – Oui bien sur! In the chanson “Hearts and Flowers”, je chante “I’m Still, I’m Still…” without finishing the phrase (rires). I adored the creative process, this album with the same “jalli de moi, de manière très organicique”. I was the best musician and the best producer, Roger Chahayed (producer of Doja Cat, Drake or SZA – NDLR), who I was very envious of working with. On ne se naissait pas avant, on s’est Réunis tous les jours, a pendant of two of mine, with our little equipment. Two albums about similarity, feeling and a son who helps are perhaps the source of inspiration and there is a theme. But this is a separate job. Plus you read the album, plus watch the accompanying film This Is Me Now: A Love Story – not to mention the three hours of behind-the-scenes footage we watch – and you can rent it in this musical experience. .

EL. – The film traces the fantastic version (et fantastic!) of your loved ones (marriages, breakups, re-connections…) and finally completes your great story that is with you…

DL – (Elle sourit) It’s a romantic film, but it doesn’t really feel like a traditional love story. I wanted to leave a comment when I arrived. When I finished the album, I told you that I chose three special ones from the main ones. I spoke with creator Dave Meyers about the imaginary commentary on the images of “the story of this romantic guest woman” that ended with her coming into the world after she met a young woman. About the wonderful working ensemble in the editing room, and oh my god! The result exceeded all expectations. This statement works! In fact, this is a super performance with many special effects, this fabulous beauty.

In the film, the heroine, who passed through love, passed through in a relationship and was retrospective in dangerous stories, qui effondrent en un rien de temps

EL. – Il ya beaucoup d’humor dans le movie, de l’action, des hilarants chez le psy… And des momentes plus aussi melancoliques: il s’agit d’un conte de fées avec des chapitres assez sombres.
DL – Yes, for example, the mise-en-scène of the song “Rebound” in the house of love, où mon petit ami, deviantly cruel and où nous nous battons. This is an illustration of a toxic attitude. Et je suis quelqu’un qui s’est souvent retro in this genre of situation. Je voulais qu’on montre cela. In the film, the heroine experiences love, moving from relationship to relationship, and returns to dangerous stories that fall into rien de temps. This is what arrived when he didn’t have pas du time for himself. This “Rebound” scene is a favorite of the month; it seems impossible to find a romantic story without resorting to embûches and pièges. It’s my role when the artist is involved in these moments of vulnerability, and I don’t like it. There’s probably an agreement in this movie plus that I’ve never been fair. I really like this. When I realized that I was at peace in the whole world, I could fight for an encore, so that what I wanted most was the fight to be fiery. And it is capable of sharing.

EL. – Did you offer Ben Affleck to participate in your film?

DL – Oui! Ben is my partner, my friend and a great screenwriter. I adore Workman with Louis and this ensemble is perhaps the source of joy for me. We were the assistants that could help me if it was Dave, Matt Walson and me that would help me do a great job (Rires).

EL. – Il fait meme une ghost!

DL – Oui, most of all it doesn’t say that I want the audience to look at the scenery at the eux-mêmes level (laughs). Il small role, the swoon of this person, this voice, this energy that is a stagnant phenomenon in your body without the fact that you are not you, en rendiez compte. On l’a bien maquillé, je ne sais pas si vous le reconnaîtrez! (laughs)

I adored the tour with Jane Fonda, I love it in suis éternellement reconnaissante

EL. – This is not the only cameo: Keke Palmer, Trevor Noah, Sofia Vergara… and that’s not all that forms the Zodiac council that comes and directs my gestures. The Council, chaired by Jane Fonda, elle-même!

DL – I adore Jane. À la fois l’actrice, la femme et la militante. I have selected two council members for these present. Je me revois lui demanding: “Jane, if you can participate in my film, I feel pleasure” (rires). She trusted me, it was a terrible premiere. I love touring with her, I love my eternal exploration.

EL. – You admire, but you are also an icon. What do you think is most important to you?

DL – This is merveyo. Vous savez, je me vois toujours, like this young girl from the Bronx who wrote about sorting her and making her dreams come true. When I look at what happened 20-30 years later, I’m suis soufflée: “Wow, this is what I did after a long time.” I was very passionate about West Side Story, fascinated by Rita Moreno, and I felt like I chose what was with me, what I sang, danced and acted on the screen. As for Selena Quintanilla (Mexican-born singer, murderer of her son’s fan club president in 1994 – NDLR), I envy my cause. You never attend this party if you don’t pay attention. It is a fact that the party of choice does not want to live in life.

EL. – Pop music is now dominated by women who control the music and the machine. What are you thinking about?

DL – I love it, I found wonderful things. This is a fantastic woman working in an industry that dominates the tables of this manner. When you make it clear to me that you are leaving me not as a female artist, but as a court artist, you are trying to leave me musically unnoticed. All the cells that are in the cardboard packaging with Adele, Taylor, Beyoncé or Billie Eilish are font une musique qui est la pure émanation de ce qu’elles sont. The expression C’est leur. Et c’est comme ça que ça devrait être.

Simultaneous release of This Is Me…Now (BMG) at parties and the movie This Is Me Now: A Love Story on Prime Video on February 16th.

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