Jennifer Lopez rehabilitates this grandpa accessory and we love it

Retro is trendy and Jennifer Lopez proves it once again.

As we know, vintage trends have been on the rise for a few months. Between the 2000s style micro-skirt, baggy jeans and even cargo pants, nostalgia invades our closets for our greatest pleasure.

A trend that our diva Jennifer Lopez has not missed. While she has fun reproducing her most iconic looks (remember her Versace tropical print dress that she wears whenever she gets the chance), the singer also takes pleasure in putting back on the front from the scene certain fashion pieces that are too quickly forgotten. In the streets of Los Angeles, JLo indeed appeared with the usual accessory composing the panoply fashion of the grandfather. Spoiler alert: it’s not about the Charentaise.

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Suspenders: the trendy grandpa accessory

In her daily life, Jennifer Lopez mainly relies on casual looks, but always at the forefront of fashion. For this outing with her fiancé Ben Affleck, our “Jenny from the Block” is no exception: basic white t-shirt and mouse gray high-waisted pants. Where she makes the difference is by choosing an accessory that all our grandparents still wear: suspenders. She opted for a pair to match her pants and thus gives a whole new look to her silhouette. Always in this relaxed essence, it brings a retro touch…

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