Jennifer Lopez uses a neutral pronoun to introduce her child Emme

The singer gave a speech on the Blue Diamond Gala stage on Thursday, June 16, in which she uses a neutral pronoun to refer to the 14-year-old teenager.

They sang together the title A Thousand Years, by Christina Perry. Jennifer Lopez indeed welcomed Emme, born from her past union with singer Marc Anthony (from 2004 to 2014), on the stage of the Blue Diamond Gala, Thursday, June 16, in Los Angeles. On this occasion, the artist used a neutral pronoun to introduce her child: “they/themin English whose equivalent in French is the pronoun “iel” which entered the 2023 edition of Petit Robert. Evidenced by a TikTok video, unveiled on the christinathesupermom account, the day after the show. “JLo surprises the audience with his child Emme and uses a neutral pronoun to refer to him/her during his presentation”, can we read in the sequence.

“The last time we sang together was in a big stadium like this, and I always ask him to sing with me but he doesn’t want to,” Jennifer Lopez said of the 14 year old teenager. Before adding: “So this is a very special occasion because they are very, very busy, in demand and expensive. They cost me a lot of money when they come, but it’s worth it because they’re my favorite duet partner of all time.”

In video, on stage, Jennifer Lopez uses a neutral pronoun to refer to her child Emme

“It is beautiful to see her supporting her child”

The neuter pronoun “iel” can indeed be used to designate non-binary people, who do not identify as strictly male or strictly female, but between the two, a mixture of the two, or neither. This new initiative by J.Lo, who had already presented his “nibling(a neutral term for a nephew or niece) Brendon as transgender in 2020, has been praised by fans.

“”Iel” is the way Emme identifies herself, commented a follower of the singer. J.Lo shared this information on stage. It’s beautiful to see her supporting her child.” “Emme is so brave, outbid a surfer. He is only 14 years old. And you can see in J.Lo’s eyes that she’s proud.” Others, however, felt that the plural used by the interpreter ofOn The Floor could designate his two twins at the same time, namely Emme and Maximilian.

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