JENNIFER’S BODY Scribe Diablo Cody shares hopes for a sequel to Megan Fox’s cult horror classic

Jennifer’s body was released in 2009 to mixed reviews and a disappointing worldwide box office of $31.5 million against a budget of $16 million. However, rather than being one of those films that is quickly forgotten, it has earned cult status thanks to its unique blend of horror, comedy and social commentary.

The film, directed by Karyn Kusama and written by Diablo Cody, stars Megan Fox as Jennifer Check, a high school cheerleader possessed by a demonic force after a ritual goes wrong. Amanda Seyfried plays Jennifer’s best friend, Needy Lesnicki.

From there, we followed Jennifer as she developed a taste for human flesh and began preying on her male classmates. Needy, realizing what happened to her friend, later tries to stop Jennifer’s murderous rampage.

Speaking to Bloody Disgusting (via, Cody confirmed his interest in a sequel, enthusiastically telling the site: “Yes! I want to make a sequel.”

“I’m not done with Jennifer’s body yet.” I continued. “I just need to find… I need to collaborate with people who believe in this as much as I do, but that hasn’t happened yet. I need someone who believes in it and who has a billion dollars.”

It’s still a ways off from officially being made, but Cody shared his gratitude for how horror fans have since embraced the film’s LGBTQ+ themes and feminist messages. “I mean, it just kept getting happier for me.” He says. “I was obviously excited about it at first, but I was also a little salty because I remember thinking, well, where was this audience when the movie came out. It was a critical commercial failure.”

“I was very humiliated, to be completely honest with you. The release of this film was a difficult experience.” Cody recounted the initial reaction. “It was hard for me, it was hard for Megan (Fox)… (then) people suddenly started talking about it like it was a good movie that I was thinking about all the time. At first I just thought, oh, where was that?” this audience when I needed it, and then I realized that there were… seven of them.”

“And then people came along who maybe didn’t appreciate it at the time, and now I’m just like, no saltiness, I’m just happy now.”

Fox rose to fame in 2007 Transformers and two years later she became famous mainly for this sultry performance. V Jennifer’s bodyshe delivered some of the best performance of her career, but since the film was primarily marketed to men with an emphasis on Fox’s looks, it had difficulty finding its target audience in theaters.

Would you like to see Jennifer’s body Will the sequel become a reality? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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