Jenny Hermoso spoke about Vilda’s behavior when she led Spain

Recently a preview of one of the episodes of the next season of the Planeta Calleja program was released in Spain, in which Jenny Hermoso conversation with adventurer Jesus Calleja. In this video, the Tigres football player revealed disputes leadYes from the former coach of the Spanish women’s national team, Jorge Wilda.

What did Hermoso say about Wild?

According to the Tigres player, the former coach of the Spanish national team asked players during concentrations that They will leave the doors to their rooms open. V nights talk to everyone personally, Hermoso said.

“When we were getting ready to sleep we had to leave the door open and wait for him to come at night and allow to talk to with us. He said that was the only time he had to talk to us in person. “If I had knocked on the first door of the first players before I got to the last one, there might have been players who fell asleep.”

Hermoso also said that the coach was extremely controlling of the players who responded to the challenge of the Spanish women’s team: “When we were going buyWe I expected And He asked us what we had in our bag.“.

Jenny Hermoso is confident in her complaint against Rubiales

On the other hand, the attacker told about her complaint in relation to Luis Rubiales, former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). In his statements, Hermoso insisted that if he had come forward and said that nothing happened, he would now have special benefits, although this did not matter to him and He decided to do what he thought was “right.”.

“It is clear to me that if I had not done this, if I had admitted at that moment that I had made a video that said that nothing happenedit was quite clear that he could have extra-sports items what they would like me to do helped a lot. But I felt courage, I felt strength and above all I did what was right for me.. “It was the only thing that prevailed at the time.”

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