Jenny Rivera’s brother experienced moments of panic due to the Culiacanazo, his family was in danger

The Jenny Rivera’s brother, john riverawas in a residence in Sinaloa, waiting for his family to give his wife a house, where he was giving the last touches to deliver it to her and her family, but moments of terror were present for the singer, because his partner and sons would land at the airport of the Sinaloan capitalwhen he was passing culiacanazo 2.0.

What would be a few days off for the younger brother of the Band Divawere tense momentsbecause precisely on January 5, 2023, his family would land in Culiacan, Sinaloajust when the wave of violence was happening.

Juan Rivera explained through his social networks that in September of last year they had given him a house near Culiacán, and he began to furnish it to give it to his wife, Brenda Riveraand to have quality time before going to a new project at the Casa de las Estrellas, the idea was to spend some time with the family in said residence.

“Next week they put me in quarantine for The House of Celebrities (the reality show in which he participated), and I wanted to spend these days with my family, give my wife the house of her dreams, but it couldn’t,” explained in the almost half-hour broadcast on Instagram.

Juan had fallen asleep at dawn preparing the last details for when his family arrived, but he would soon receive the news that he was in culiacanazo 2.0this due to the capture of the El Chapo’s son, Ovidio Guzmán López.

According to what the famous said, they were moments of tension, since they would land at the Culiacán airport, which had suffered from attacks by armed groups.

“My children were going to arrive at that time. What I love the most, I love the most and I protect the most, they were going to arrive at that time. My wife and my children are on the plane, and obviously they cannot communicate, and one always thinks what worse. I didn’t know if they were going to let my wife’s flight land. I wanted to go, but they told me ‘don’t even think about leaving where you are.'”

He also stressed that nothing of the detonations was heard at the home where he was.

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Later, in an interview with “Hoy Día,” Juan said that he and his son were in Altata, Sinaloa, a port about an hour from Culiacán, and that his wife was unable to land on the estimated day due to the tension of the the city.

”I’m in a small city called Altata, next to Culiacán, and we come to spend it as a family. Yesterday my wife had to arrive, she could not land because of what happened at the Culiacán airport that she had taken control of, I don’t know who. For safety they couldn’t land,” she said.

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