Jessica Chastain and Peter Sarsgaard Resume ‘Memory’ Tour

Travailleuse Sociale et mère monoparentale, Sylvia souffre d’alcoolisme, mais n’a pas pris une goutte depuis treize ans: l’age de sa Girl Sara. In the issue of retrouvals or that she witnessed the greatest mistakes, Sylvia est suivie par Saul, un ancien camarade de classe. After worrying, she discovered that this was already a reality that had reached its goal ahead of time. Entre ces deux êtres solitaires se developpera une colicité qui s’averera, à la faveur de revélations subséquentes, et étonnante que poignante. “Écrit et realisé” by Michel Franco. Memory donne à voir two great roles by Jessica Chastain and Peter Sarsgaard, who Le Devoir a pu entender lors d’une conference of good quality.

“I know the script before Michel re-visited, but what I know more than anything about the previous films is that it can be dark,” Jessica Chastain explains over a video conference call.

“Lors de la scène au parc (où Sylvia raconte l’agregation qu’elle a subie autrefois), I immediately thought: “Okay, I understand: this is a film in reaction to movement.” “Me too”. Un Film de Vengeance, avec une femme qui va causer of destructive actions… Mais plus j’avançais, et plus je prenais conscience que, ce qu’il ya de beau chez Michel, dans sa façon d’écrire, c’est qu’il it is a meeting of attention and cliché. On the page, at the scene of the incident, you confirm that you do not know how to get to the restroom with people. »

Speaking as parole from the game, Peter Sarsgaard admits that this sequence was said and Saul arranged for Sylvia to play with her in order for her to be even more difficult in the game.

“Il m’apparaissait it is important that this character, Sol, is an immersed party, sur laquelle le public s’interroge, et une party visible. I know that this scene requires ambiguity in my intentions. More than anything, as an actor, I would like to find a very precise idea for Saul’s laquel that excites him. »

Actor s’akkrocha in the image of the deceased Saul. At Sylvia’s insistence, death awakens her because she sees the photograph. In his psychotic son, is Saul simply confusing the two women? Dance Memoryaucun détail visuel n’est anodin…

“The thought of Saul’s joint constantly outrages me. Elle était toujours dans mon esprit. C’était Magnifica de pouvoir jouer a man who treats women with great respect: ça m’a porté à thinker que la relation of Saul avec sa femme devait être aimante et egalitaire. This is what Saul loves, but it is not zero of his value. Et c’est alors que Sylvia surgit, et Saul va lui donner autant d’amour qu’elle en prendra,” wrote Peter Sarsgaard, who reported the male prize for interpretation in the spirit of Venice for outstanding performance.

Best Female Actor Oscar Nomination? The future will tell you.

En accompanying, c’est le passé qui est au coeur de Memory. The time has passed when the main characters were involved in contrasting relationships: Tandis, that Sylvia, in post-traumatic shock, est hantée par celui-ci, Sol, non-cognitive faculties are not delitent, and this is not for the part plus access.

Deparey, this duo, complementing Sylvia’s alienation, adopted a child, the son of Saul.

Time controller

The suite, graceful, émouvante, subtle, is presented in the form of a series of montage shots or the most original static images, like anime paintings, intended exclusively for the characters. Depuyer, device est à la fois clinique et révélateur: ce n’est pas pour rien que Michel Franco a été surnommé par Diversity “Michael Haneke is Mexican.”

“L’approche de Michel, qui privilégie ces plandes grandes, fait en sorte que c’est nous, les acteurs, qui contrôlons le tempo. C’est pour ça que j’étais si heureux d’avoir Jessica in my person: toutes les petites selects organics and complexes that are produced between us and give a prize for the opportunity to live and breathe, and instead of devoir être they reproduce in various plans decoupés. “Ça Rend les chooses Beaucoup Plus Faciles, surtout le volet émotionnel,” points out Peter Sarsgaard.

Despite the fact that the parts in the mise-en-scène on the cinema stage were equal to Jessica Chastain, this lately appreciates the special conditions of the tournament in a minimalist style – not for terrible rudeness. De-fight, sur Memory, he does not need a private roulette or a box. The team is only responsible for the director’s costumes, hair and makeup.

“I made my debut in this profession and played in tiny theater productions or was my arranger with all this. If the hair and makeup artist is such that they are in the theater, that’s fine. This does not mean that my days of peace are confused. This movie is a mobile phone that immediately won an Oscar. Tammy Faye’s eyes (Dans les yeux de Tammy Faye), and Michel assured that our friends were confident that I could fully implement the project that I had chosen de plus gros. People who adhere to this idea predict to the actors that creatures strive for luxury and comfort … “

When it comes to Jessica Chastain, it’s not just fake. On the contrary, carburetion is dangerous.

Embrasser l’imprevu

Justement, au rayon de la Prize de risques, de la Mise en Danger, Memory combla l’actress. Indeed, Michel Franco, based on the même manière qu’il ménage maints retournements narratifs, reserves additional surprises for his translators.

Jessica Chastain recalls: “When I indicated the first day, I confirmed that there would be an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with a group of people who were willing to participate. I’m not going to absolve sins when I’m preparing for this. Sauf qu’en travaillant de this façon, ça m’obligeait, as an actress, not for an actress, but simply for a person; à être present. I loved this job. »

So, loin de faire angoisser les deux stars, ces imprévus les incitèrent à s’investir comme jamais auparavant. Pas étonnant que depuis les Festivals in Venice and Toronto, note the repetition that Jessica Chastain and Peter Sarsgaard gave the best performances of illustrations of their respective careers. At the end of the premiere:

“Michel hoped that people would arrive with an open spirit and an open heart. »

And it turns out that this is true for both the audience and the actors.

I filmed it Memory Check out the January 19th poster.

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