Jimby Cartagena advances to Copa del Rey final four on penalties

A new final four of the Copa del Rey awaits Jimby Cartagena Costa Calida after winning on penalties against Manzanares after a 1-1 draw after 46 minutes of play.

At the beginning of the game both teams had chances. The centers were the first actors. Saura and Juan Emilio were the ones who created danger in the competing zones, although neither was successful.

As the minutes passed, Jimby controlled the ball and accumulated the most dangerous chances. Meanwhile, the visiting team used separate approaches that were not too dangerous for Chemi.

The game continued like this until the end of the first half, in which neither team was able to use the lights for the first time at the Palacio de los Deportes in Cartagena, and the score was tied at half-time.

In the second half the tone did not change. The Cartagenas regained control of the ball and had chances that did not reach the goal. Juanlu Alonso’s team also had their own, and they also achieved success.

The duel entered the final stages with no movement on the scoreboard and Jimbi focused on attacking in search of the winning goal. Then Duda decided to remove the goalkeeper-player. The bet turned out to be better than it could have been, and in the first game Bebe opened the scoring with two shots remaining at the far post.

Huanglu did the same with the five-player game and it worked out well too. Cortes received the ball from behind and found himself in the top corner with 23 seconds left. This Almeria goal led to extra time, in which both teams kept the score at five, although this time without much success. There was no success in the second half of the second half and the game went to penalties.

The round started with a punch from Cortez, which was stopped by Chispi. After this, Valtinho, Bebe, Motta, Dario and Mellado did not fail to lead Jimby Cartagena Costa Cálida to another Final Four of the Copa del Rey.


Jimby Cartagena. Starting quintet: Chemi, Bebe, Mellado, Javi Minguez and Saura. Also playing: Tomaz, Valtinho, Motta, Pablo Ramirez, Jesus, Dario.

Cheeses El Hidalgo Manzanares FS. Starting quintet: Antonio Navarro, Deavan, Cortes, Alvaro and Juan Emilio. Also playing: Daniel Gabriel, Antonito, Pedro, Raul Campos, Gallo.

Goals: Bebe, 1:0 (38′); Cortez, 1:1 (40 minutes).

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