Joaquin Prat celebrates son’s communion with family: images

The Prats had just experienced what was undoubtedly one of their most special days. On the occasion of son Joaquin Prat’s first communionThe whole family met this weekend in Madrid for a celebration, images of which were subsequently shared on their social networks.

Joaquin Prat on his divorce: "It was a very traumatic process.  Now I'm happy sometimes"

Joaquin Prat divorced his son’s mother in 2021.

Joaquin Prat and Yolanda Bravo, who are not currently in a relationship, walked through the altar in 2010. Five years later, in 2015, both had their first and only child, sharing the same name as his father. Today the baby 9 yearstherefore he has already received the sacrament of communion in an action performed in capital church.

Subsequently, the relatives of the protagonist of the corresponding date went on a trip, as Andrea Prat showed in her public profile: to the Philandon restaurant Located on the road from El Pardo to Fuencarral, one of the most sought after and owned by a group that supplies its seafood products to the best places in the city.

Over there “Joaco”, as they affectionately nicknamed the leader’s son was surrounded by his inner circle among whom, in addition to the TV show sister who provided all the images of the event, were her children, along with Jacobo Millan, Mauro, Hugo and Gala, and the child’s other aunt, Alejandra, along with his firstborns. Adriana, Amaro and Alejandro and others.

The video from “Let’s See” also attracted its more than 117 thousand subscribers to participate in the action. selected cake On this occasion, a delicious two-piece dessert from the creative confectionery “Raimi Cakes” in white and blue tones with stripes, polka dots and a cross on which rests a figurine of a boy dressed in traditional admiral costume.

Joaquin Prat in his time stories

Joaquin Prat in his time storiesInstagram @joaquinprat

With their latest act, the family demonstrated that they continue to maintain a close connection with each other, which they have repeatedly advertised on social networks. In fact, a few weeks ago, Andrea shared another photo from Joaquin’s 49th birthday, to which she not only surprised him with a cake, but also wanted to dedicate a few heartfelt words: Congratulations, Joaquin. You are 49 years old and getting better every day. “Love you brother,” he wrote.

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