Jobs are on the rise: 10 US jobs with highest wage growth in 2023

American workers saw economic relief from challenging inflation thanks to higher real wages. (Illustrative image)

American employees have received a reprieve amid brutal inflation during the pandemic, with wages rising significantly. The typical U.S. worker’s real weekly earnings increased 1.7% between 2019 and 2023, according to government labor market data.

A robust labor market has led to significant wage increases in some occupations, according to a recent survey from the compensation data company. salary scale. Here are the 10 jobs with the highest salary increases in 2023 compared to the previous year, including average salary:

Assistant customer service managers received the highest average pay increases last year. Faced with persistent labor shortages and high staff turnover, employers have been forced to increase wages to retain workers.

  • Salary growth in 2023: 24%
  • Average salary: $44,200.

Many stylists were laid off during the pandemic, but as the virus subsided, demand for salon services has increased, leading to an increased need for these professionals.

  • Salary growth in 2023: 22%
  • Average salary: $34,300.

Master plumbers, typically more experienced than regular plumbers, saw their wages rise rapidly in 2023 due to increased home repair and maintenance costs.

  • Salary growth in 2023: 21%
  • Average salary: $82,700.

Salaries for auto body workers have risen sharply this year due to retirements and departures from the industry in search of higher pay, as well as high demand for specialized workers due to an aging fleet.

  • Salary growth in 2023: 21%
  • Average salary: $52,100.

Career consultant fees rose sharply last year in response to Americans’ concerns about changes in the job market and the potential impact of AI.

  • Salary growth in 2023: 21%
  • Average salary: $46,600.

Audio and video technicians have seen wage increases, a post-pandemic shortage of skilled workers and a recovering events industry continue to drive demand.

  • Salary growth in 2023: 20%
  • Average salary: $57,100.

Animator wages have risen due to a talent shortage, limited training opportunities and rapid promotions, leaving entry-level vacancies.

  • Salary growth in 2023: 19%
  • Average salary: $71,400.

Covid-19 has prompted many Americans to take their health more seriously and lose the weight they gained during the pandemic. These factors have increased the demand for fitness professionals and increased their salaries.

  • Salary growth in 2023: 19%
  • Average salary: $51,100.

Roofers have seen their earnings increase as employers look to make the physically demanding job more attractive, as well as more renovation work due to climate change.

  • Salary growth in 2023: 19%
  • Average salary: $51,700.
Assistant account managers were the professionals with the highest salary increases over the past year. (Illustrative image)

The shortage of people with diversified management skills remains a chronic shortage, and the required experience typically takes years to complete, which has kept demand for general managers high in the past year.

  • Salary growth in 2023: 18%
  • Average salary: $70,700.

These data show that although inflation continues to create economic problems for USASome labor sectors have been able to use this situation to improve the position of their workers in terms of wages and benefits, a sign of both the specificity of their skills and the dynamics of the labor market in the post-pandemic environment.

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