Joe Biden presents peace plan agreed with Israel for the Gaza Strip

Joe Biden presents three-phase peace plan for Gaza Strip agreed with Israel and asks Hamas to accept itnews telecinco

President of the United States of America, Joe BidenYes Request Hamas this Friday he tooAccept a new offer from Israel On the release of hostages in exchange for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, ensuring that this is the shortest way to end the conflict: “With the ceasefire, that aid can be delivered safely and effectively to all those who need it,” the President indicated.

“As someone who has had a lifelong commitment to Israel, as the only American president to visit Israel in time of war, as someone who directly sent American forces to defend Israel when it was attacked by Iran, I ask you to take a step backTo think about what would happen if this moment is lost,” Biden said, before launching an order that read:we can’t lose this moment,

The plan involves three phases

Thus the US President presents Israel’s roadmap for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. He The plan involves three phases, First will last for six weeks with complete ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from populated areas of the Gaza Strip. Palestinians will return to their homes in that timeframe. “In the first phase, Israel and Hamas will negotiate the arrangements necessary to reach the second phase, which is a permanent end to hostilities,” the president said.

After this it will give way step 2till Exchange of Palestinian hostages and prisoners. He elaborated, “Some of the mortal remains of the hostages who have been murdered will be returned to their families, which will ease the terrible pain to some extent.” The IDF will withdraw in this second phase. third will consist of one Plans for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip: “The last remains of the hostages who have been murdered will be returned to their families,” Biden assured, “that is the proposal that is now on the table.” Humanitarian aid will be increased by 600 trucks. At the beginning of the year, the proposal to reach a ceasefire has already failed, but there is optimism about this new approach.

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