Johnny Depp imitates Jack Sparrow when leaving trial against Amber Heard

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As he wages the legal battle that could destroy or resurrect his acting career, Johnny Depp surprised fans by imitating the famous character Jack Sparrow after leaving the trial against Amber Heardwhere he had already mentioned how special his role in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Leaving the audience, the actor made his nostalgia for the character, since he recreated the acclaimed pirate captain before a group of fans who showed their support outside the courts in Virginia.

A video circulates on social networks in which Johnny is seen in his truck, which he asked his team to stop to greet his followers and from the back seat imitates Jack Sparrow and his mythical voice.

He also said goodbye with one of the gestures that characterized the character, when a young woman yells at him that he will always be the pirate captainwhat Depp answered: “is still out there somewhere. I see him from time to time. She shows up sometimes.”

He felt betrayed by Disney

The actor pointed out in the trial that he felt betrayed by Disney when they decided to remove him from the blockbuster sagaand assured that he only wanted to say a dignified goodbye to Jack Sparrow.

“Captain Jack Sparrow is a character that I had built right from the start. And it was something that I put a lot into, just like with all the characters, you put a lot of yourself into the characters. I rewrote the dialogues and the scenes, the jokes,” he stated.

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