Joint health is one of the goals for 2024

As Christmas ends 2023, the counter resets to zero for just about everything when the new year arrives. Time takes its toll on the body and over time it becomes more and more noticeable and not always for the better.

The year 2024 begins with a long list of goals to achieve, and health should be a priority. The prevalence of widespread joint pain, especially in the hips and knees, is affecting more and more people. This type of pain can reduce your quality of life both physically and mentally.

When a person suffers from pathologies that affect joint health, such as osteoarthritis or arthritis, the most predominant symptom is pain.. This pain is usually accompanied by stiffness in this area, a feeling of discomfort when walking or staying in a fixed position for a long time, inflammation in the joint, clicking, general discomfort…

The persistence of these symptoms for a long time will only lead to increased pain, aggravation of the situation and its unjustified prolongation; this ultimately leads to an inevitable trip to the operating room so the patient can undergo prosthetic surgery.

Clinic Cres cooperates with Innovative treatment methods aimed at relieving pain for patients suffering from pathologies related to joint health. and maximize the functionality of the affected area. He Dr. Carlos Jarabo, based on feedback from patients who come to his office, says that the joint that suffers most from any pathology of this style is the knee joint. The pain progresses and becomes more intense. Next, the hip and then the shoulder are the areas that suffer most from pathologies related to joint health.

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a field of medical research that works with techniques for restoring mobility and improving tissue functionality in the body that have been damaged by the presence of pathology, injury, or simply the passage of time, which worsens the condition of these tissues, whether bones or muscles.

Dr. Elena Guallar explains the test to the patient.
Dr. Elena Guallar explains the test to the patient.
Clinics Cres

Clínicas Cres uses the latest methods to combat pain associated with pathologies such as osteoarthritis through regenerative medicine. Dr. Elena Guallar She consults at the Cres Zaragoza clinic and is an expert in such methods. Their work is used to improve the quality of life of each patient, reduce pain and increase the functionality of the treated joint.

As the doctor explains well, when assessing the differences between traditional treatment methods and regenerative medicine methods, “Regenerative medicine treatments are much less invasive than traditional treatments, the patient does not require hospitalization, and the recovery time to return to daily routine is usually shorter.”“,” he states, although he acknowledges that the treatment used will always depend on the medical diagnosis and the condition of the joint being treated.

What is the connection between osteoarthritis and diet?

To treat pathologies such as osteoarthritis and arthritis, diet is a key factor to consider. Inflammation is one of the main causes of pain as well as one of the main symptoms that can be alleviated with a personalized diet.

Genetic nutrition studies are used to determine which nutrients a person absorbs better or worse, allowing him to tailor a diet to suit his needs. Using the example of a person with inflammation: a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods Proper absorption can be very beneficial for its improvement over time.

Nutrition helps in the treatment of joint diseases.
Nutrition helps in the treatment of joint diseases.
Clinics Cres

On the other hand, studying the gut microbiota consists of identifying causes related to inflammation, among other things. For this It analyzes whether there is any infection by parasites, fungi or bacteria, whether there is excessive growth of microorganisms, and intestinal permeability is measured.. The goal is to promote an optimal immune system and reduce generalized inflammation that can be associated with joint pain.

Healthy New Year?

Prioritizing your health is always important, but doing it from the first day of the year increases your chances of ending the next day better than ever.. Although time cannot be stopped, pain can be reduced and surgery is not always required.

That’s why centers love Cres clinics offer real techniques to help relieve pain and which improve the quality of life of people suffering from pathologies associated with pain in the joints and muscles. Allowing yourself to get advice from professionals is always the first step to a good grade. Clínicas Cres has centers in Madrid, Palma, Zaragoza and Valencia.

If you are looking for a specialist center, you can request a consultation at: Clinic Cres Zaragozalocated on the street Maria Lostal, 27 years old; I’m calling 976 483 553.

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