Jonathan Viera: “Four months ago I had no plans to leave Las Palmas”

Once again the master of ceremonies was Mohamed El Assi, Plenipotentiary General Director of Almeria. Viera signs a contract until 2025 and really wants to meet again. “This is football, mate, you should enjoy it.” Statement of Intent.

How was your signature forged? “The main thing is the interest that the club had in me. You have to be where they want you. I played for my home club for many years because I wanted to, although I had other offers.”

Will this continue if Almeria drops to second place? “I don’t know where I’ll be. I signed a contract for a year and a half. This is football. Four months ago I had no plans to leave Las Palmas, and in the end I am here.”

In what position do you perform best? “The coach knows me very well. We met each other several times. He knows how and where I play. Garitano and I talked about a lot of things, but not about my position. “I came here to help in any way I can from anywhere on the pitch, although my ideal position is in midfield.”

Watch during his presentationCarlos Barba

State of the form. “Physically, I don’t have much left. I haven’t played for a long time, although I continued to train without a break. What will give me the rhythm of the game is competition. I’m ready to play. If it’s against Athletic on Monday, I’ll be ready.”

Leadership.: “I’ve been a captain for a long time. I know what a locker room is and I know how to handle it. I’m here to help. There are many very young children. “I’m here to help everyone and present the best version of them.”

Team situation. “This is football. There are such seasons. There are injuries, the ball does not go into the goal despite playing well, etc. This is the essence of football. Although this situation happens because there are things that were not done well.”

Jonathan Viera with Las Palmas. These were different times.High-quality sports imagesGetty Images

Nearest goal? “The main thing is to have fun. After all, this is football. There are a lot of young people here and we have to help them achieve a better result as soon as we win the first game. There are a lot of kids who are going to step up. “I see a lot of potential in young people.”

Message to fans “It’s important to give the fans fun and excitement. So that when they leave the field, they are proud of the team.”

Return to Las Palmas with Almeria. “Everyone knows how much I love Las Palmas. But this is football. This match against Las Palmas will be special, when that moment comes we will talk about it. Obviously, I would never want to face Las Palmas in another shirt.”

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