Joselu is better than Lewandowski –

After Benzema left in the summer, Mariano became more, the white team was left without strikers and went to the market to look for a better option. To everyone’s surprise, The only one chosen to replace the Frenchman and Dominican was Joselu.. He arrived on loan from Espanyol after they had been relegated to the second division and Real fans doubted whether the team could compete for titles with only a centre-forward. Today, despite not being a regular starter, Joselu is very important to Ancelotti.

What Real Madrid does will always be compared to what Barcelona does.. Last season, Kule signed Lewandowski for €50 million to become their number 9, and today the Pole is not performing what was expected of him. With 13 goals and 4 assists, Jose needs 84 minutes to score a goal for his team. Lewandowski, who has played 800 more minutes than the Spanish striker, has 13 goals and 6 assists and needs 120 minutes to score..

The difference becomes larger if you compare only goals and not all scoring games. Joselu scores every 109 minutes, while Lewandowski needs 174 to see a goal., almost two games to achieve the goal. Spanish rooms are better than Polish ones and if you take into account the price of each of them, Joselu arrived for free, and Lewandowski in exchange for 50 million, and the salary of each, in which the Barça player earns more than 20 million, next year he will earn even more, and the Real Madrid player a little more than 2..

Lewandowski still doesn’t know what it means to score in 2024 in the league. He has not scored a goal in domestic competition since December 10 last year., almost two months ago, and he did it in defeat to Girona. If he managed to score in the Copa del Rey and the Spanish Super Cup, both competitions saw his team eliminated by Athletic and Real Madrid respectively. Joselu managed to score three goals in his only two matches in 2024 – against Arandina and against Getafe..

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