Journalist Terry Anderson, who was kidnapped for almost seven years in Lebanon, dies

While Anderson was held hostage by Hezbollah, he was beaten, tied to a wall, threatened with death, and often shot in the head.

Journalist terry andersonwho was kidnapped by Islamic terrorists in Lebanon in 1985 and held hostage for more than six years, died this Sunday at his home in Greenwood Lake (New York) at the age of 76, according to his daughter . Sulom To American media.

The former chief correspondent for the AP agency in the Middle East, where he arrived after working in Japan and South Africa to cover the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, was 76 and had recently undergone heart surgery.

“He never liked being called a hero, but everyone insisted on calling him a hero. I saw him a week ago and my partner asked him if there was anything left on his list of things he wanted to do He said, ‘I’ve lived a lot and done a lot.’ His daughter said, ‘I am very happy.’

Anderson recounts his kidnapping at the hands of militiamen Hezbollah His autobiography “Den of Lions” was published in 1993, two years after his release.

Since returning to the US, he has led an itinerant life as a speaker and journalism teacher at several universities, such as in Florida, where he retired in 2015. In addition, he also ran a bar, two restaurants and a horse farm.

Anderson He sued Iran before a US court, which ruled in 2000 that the Iranian regime had something to do with his kidnapping. In addition, he was assigned million dollars in compensation for Iranian assets seized in the United States.

“Terry was extremely committed to grassroots journalism and demonstrated great bravery and determination, both during his journalism career and during the years he was held captive. We greatly appreciate the sacrifices he and his family made as a result of his work ” He said. Julie PaceAP senior vice president and editorial director said in a statement to US media.

On March 16, 1985, which was a day of rest for him, he went to play tennis with a fellow AP photographer and when he dropped him off at his home, a group of armed men approached him and took him out of his vehicle.

He was held hostage for about seven years HezbollahAccording to Anderson’s description in his book, he was beaten, tied to a wall, threatened with death, shot repeatedly in the head, and held in solitary confinement for long periods of time.

His release, like that of other hostages in Western countries lebanonIt was the result of UN talks led by an Italian diplomat. giandomenico picoDied in March this year.

The Church of England also became involved in the release of hostages sent to Lebanon terry whiteWho was also kidnapped in 1987 while carrying out his mission and was not released until 1991.

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