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The United States said Tuesday that respects the decision of the National Assembly of Venezuela of 2015controlled by the opposition, to suppress the so-called interim government of Juan Guaidó, whom the US has been recognizing as interim president of the South American country.

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“The 2015 National Assembly has renewed its mandate, it has made its decisions and we respect and will respect the decisions it makes,” State Department spokesman Ned Price explained at a press conference.

(Context: Venezuela: Juan Guaidó is removed as interim president of the country)

When asked if the Joe Biden government still recognizes the opposition Juan Guaidó as its interlocutor in Venezuela, Price said that they will continue to work with him “as a member of the 2015 National Assembly.”

And stressed that The United States’ position towards Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro “is not going to change” because “he is not the legitimate leader of Venezuela.”

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We and other democracies in the region will continue to support the efforts of the 2015 National Assembly to return democracy to Venezuela.

The 2015 Assembly, whose mandate has already expired and which does not recognize the 2021 Legislative Assembly with an official majority, decided last Friday to abolish Guaidó’s Executive, which the United States had recognized since 2019 despite not having effective power in the country.

The spokesperson for US diplomacy wanted to stress that the US will continue to recognize the legitimacy of the 2015 General Assembly because “it is the last democratically elected institution in Venezuela.”

“We and other democracies in the region will continue to support the efforts of the 2015 National Assembly to return democracy to Venezuela,” Price stressed.

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The official also recalled that the Biden government is willing to soften the sanctions against Venezuela if there is progress in the talks held in Mexico by the Government of Maduro and the opposition grouped in the so-called Unitary Platform.

Price said there were “positive developments” last year and that the United States “would like to see more progress.”

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The former opposition deputies also agreed last Friday to continue meeting only to legislate around the protection of Venezuela’s resources abroad, which until now have been controlled by the “interim government.”

Guaidó attacked that decision, which he considered a victory for Chavismo.


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