Julián Gil reveals the reason why he separated from Marjorie de Sousa

Julián Gil spoke of the reason that separated him from his ex-partner, the Venezuelan Marjorie de Sosa, mother of his son Matías and with whom he decided to start a family after several years of friendship, a courtship they had had years ago and after a night in who had sexual intercourse and she became pregnant.

“A bucket of cold water fell on me, right? And after that we sat down at the table to find out how we would resolve the situation, “she said in an interview with Yordi Rosado.

Julián gave Marjorie an engagement ring and was willing to start a family, and so it was at first, despite the fact that due to work they both had to travel and did not have enough time to live together again as a couple; things were working until the actress’s mother came to live with them.

The Thunder with Marjorie

According to the actor’s version, his mother-in-law prevented him from being close to his little son, for which he suggested to De Sousa that his mother move near them and that a special person take care of her, he also suggested that he could leave to live in her house (she had an apartment near there) and visit her and Matías, or as a third option that the lady return to live with the actress’s brother; the Venezuelan did not accept any of the options.

“If you leave, I will understand that you abandoned us,” De Sousa replied bluntly, Gil recalled.

The actor ended up leaving the house, so hours later he was notified by Marjorie’s lawyer that he had been sued for abandonment of home; at that moment he began a long legal fight to be able to see his son Matías; Finally, the Argentine lost parental authority and has decided to wait until his son is older to be able to tell him the truth about him.

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