Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. accuses his father of wanting to kill him and calls him “Trash.”

Julio Cesar Chavez accused his father of trying to kill him and called him “trash.” Photo: J.C. Chavez

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. 2024 began with controversy after he made a broadcast in which he accused his father, Julio Cesar Chavez Gonzalez, of trying to kill him, and also called him “trash” for allegedly hitting his mother and causing her injury .

‘Julito’ has been in rehab throughout 2022 and part of 2023 for alleged diet pill use, a situation that has undoubtedly caused concern for his family and fans, but the Mexican boxer doesn’t seem too happy about what happened , so he attacked the boxing legend several times, Julio Cesar Chavez.

In a recent live broadcast, “El Jr.” once again spoke about his discomfort with his father, whom he called “trash,” noting that he hit his mother, Ms. Amalia Carrasco. “My mom, my dad beat her, humiliated her, tore her to pieces, she’s traumatized, she can’t do anything. Am I explaining? He harmed her for life, so he harms me too,” Chavez Jr. commented to his followers during the live broadcast.

But if that wasn’t enough, “Julito” accused his father of trying to kill him, pointing out that he sends people to try to kill themselves.

El Junior noted that his family should be in prison after he was allegedly kidnapped for three years.

“He wants to kill me, my father is killing me. “They want to send people to poison me, they tried to kill me,” Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. added, adding that the intended purpose of these actions is to prevent him from going to court.

El Junior noted that his father and his family should be in prison because they allegedly kept him kidnapped for three years, referring to the time he spent in hospital for rehabilitation, a period during which he could not see your children.

The Mexican legend’s son was delighted with what has happened recently, noting that he will not leave anyone else, not even his father. He also reiterated that he allowed himself to be annexed again in order to imprison his family, so the imprisonment would not happen again.

Finally, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. asked his followers to share the video and even translate it so that it could reach different parts of the world, with the intention of being seen Human rightssince he considers what was done to him to be a mockery.

Chavez Jr. called his father “trash” for hitting his mother and injuring her. —Photo Credit: Chris Farina – Top Rank (no other copyrights permitted), Copyright 2011

He added that he is trying to impose a restriction so that his family cannot see him because as he mentioned, they are only looking for bad things to harm him and his life. Making it clear that their goal is to file a lawsuit to put them in prison for allegedly committing violence against them.

Following Chavez Jr.’s recent statements, the former Mexican boxer shared a video on social media in which he sent well wishes and a Happy New Year to his followers, while also taking time to talk about his son.

Julio Cesar Chavez noted that he could not go and ask his son to help him because he was in USA and there the laws are different, so if he is taken to a rehabilitation center, it could be considered kidnapping and he could go to prison.

Despite what he said, he sent his good wishes to “Julito”, although he made a small complaint to him. “Tell my son Julio that I love him very much. God bless you, son. I hope and God willing that a ray of light will fall on you. Please stop talking so much nonsense,” the Mexican legend shared during his New Year’s message.

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