Julio Urias KNEW the decision of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office

For several months, news about Julio Urias They kept us updated on whether there was an opportunity to play with the team again Major League Baseball.

Let’s remember this, now former team pitcher Los Angeles Dodgersis on administrative leave Major Leagueafter domestic violence charges were filed against his wife.

An incident that occurred last September 2023. Since then Julio Urias participated in several situations both at the level of justice and in organizing Dodgers V Majors.

Despite the fact that the case was on hold for several weeks, new information emerged on January 9 that directly concerns the Aztecs pitcher.

NEWS: The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has decided it will not file criminal charges against former Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias. “The case will be forwarded to the City Attorney’s Office for consideration of criminal charges.”

So it looks like the Latin pitcher will have the opportunity to clear up his situation for less money.

It will be Julio Urias will be able to re-sign with the team Major League Baseball?, we will solve this mystery, apparently, quickly.

News in progress…

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