justice refuses the refusal of the refusal of the plain in the three old dancers against the star

In September, the American singer received a document demanding justice, which rejected an application from three old employees for work.

Lizzo’s legal battle is over. A Los Angeles judge refused to grant a lawsuit filed by the singer seeking dismissal of a claim based on a hartzelment submitted for three reasons from the old dancers, a report. Billboard.

Arianna Davis, 24, Crystal Williams, 26, and Noelle Rodriguez, 25, are three dancers on the world tour. Special tourI was going up against Lizzo, Big Grrrl’s production company Big Touring, Inc. (BGBT) and Shirlene Quigley, director of the dance company.

Dans celle-ci, les trois jeunes femmes faisaient etat “Severe sexual, religious and racial discrimination, discrimination against relatives or people with disabilities, aggression and sequestration, between other elections,” the lawyers’ office stated in a published AFP communiqué.

They accuse notamment l’interprete de special about those who are forced to touch a stripper, about those who are intimidated, or about those who are guilty of their own guilt. Among them is Shirlene Quigley, who wants her Christian to impose her words. Two dancers on license during the tour. Threesome is my mom’s party.

Some accusations are denied but remain unchanged.

In response to this complaint, singer Lizzo is awaiting a deferred document submitted by the Los Angeles tribunal next September in which she requests the dismissal of the clean and simple charges, justifying this request on three counts.

Translator About that time We note up front that the three dancers’ “cautious and/or approving actions” are not apparent and that Lizzo’s tour decisions do not evoke “good feelings and good reasons.”

Lizzo ensures that all decisions regarding the hiring of dancers for these awards are based on “legitimate reasons other than outright discrimination.”

Moreover, American justice is a tranche of the se-trader. If there were certain accusations against those who were rejected – early in Lizzo’s career, when Lizzo was delighted with the proposal of grossophobes at a dance competition – the Los Angeles court ruled that the rest of the plain could be fine. Objects of justice and process, details Billboard.

In parallel, Lizzo also has the property of another plain, owned by fashion creator Asha Daniels, a former associate of the singer who is accused of mental and sexual abuse.

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