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Justin Bieber, a passionate hockey fan, recently announced an unprecedented collaboration with the National Hockey League (LNH) and Adidas, bringing a fresh and youthful touch to the jerseys that will be unveiled at the All-Star Game in February.

Singer Justin Bieber, 29, recently expressed his passion for hockey by collaborating with the National Hockey League (LNH) and his brand Drew House to design T-shirts for the players who take part. at All-Star Weekend in February. This bold collaboration has resulted in an exclusive collection featuring four different jerseys, featuring woodgrain colorways and logos representing the team’s competition outfits.

As part of this innovation, LNH and Drew House have entered into a strategic partnership with Adidas, a brand that has a long-term relationship as the league’s official jersey design partner. The ensemble of these leading actors combine their knowledge to create a truly revolutionary collection.

Nick Corbett, Director of Sports and Hockey Marketing at Adidas, emphasized the importance of this collaboration as it is a unique opportunity to move beyond the traditional uniform concept. Selon lui, is a unique fusion of LNH, Drew House and Adidas, bringing together the harmony of manipulating the sports world and youth culture. The resulting collection of jerseys is more than just a humble tracksuit; It embodies a creative fusion of hockey heritage and modern aesthetics, capturing the vibrant energy of youth through innovative jacket designs.

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