“Juve, heavy knockout that had been in the air for some time”

Talking about the Italians in the Champions League a Maracana, in the afternoon of TMW Radio, was the manager Mario Sconcerti.

Juventus, heavy knockout. Who is to blame?
“The problem is that the Scudetti won was not this team that won them. It was a different Juve. Juve’s game did not allow for a goal. It was an evening like this in the air, because Juve has been taking advantage of it for a long time. a module without giving something. There are no players suitable to build a game. Chelsea are a strange team, since they miss Lukaku they have brought so many players to goals, as many as 15 “.

Missing the quality of the players?
“Not absolute, but in the game. If you have an attack with Chiesa and Morata going their own way, you don’t have a department. Not even those in the middle do you a serious department. Chelsea played quickly and with many men. Juventus are far behind Chelsea. And that’s what’s frightening, the difference between the two. And then I think Allegri has fallen behind a bit. ‘left behind “.

Too many criticisms of Allegri?
“I have always been an admirer of Allegri. I always thought that he did not choose to play like this, because his team was born with Chiesa, Morata and Dybala, plus Cuadraro on the wing and with Danilo. But all this was soon abandoned because he realized that he doesn’t have the right team. I don’t think he is happy to play deadlock in Europe. It is a modern way of doing Italian football.

Naples, what do you think of Osimhen and Anguissa’s absences?
“Demme is recovering, so Anguissa can be replaced like this. I tried to understand how many points the absence of Osimhen can weigh. He had a similar championship to this one, with an injury that stopped him almost the same period. Napoli played in 18 games. 35 points, an average of 1.94 per game. With Osimhen in the last ten games he made 2.4. If he were to be out 90 days, he would be out 13 games. And they would cost Napoli 5-6 points less. “

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