Kaitlyn Dever Kills Her ‘Good Grief’ Cameo with a Hilarious and Inappropriate Funeral Oration

Kaitlyn Dever only has one scene, which is too short. Sadness for good, Daniel Levy’s new Netflix film, began streaming today. But what a scene this is. Actually, I’d say Kaitlyn Dever. Sadness for good The cameo is the funniest scene in the film.

To be fair to the other scenes, Sadness for good This is not strictly a funny film. Script writer and director Schitt’s Creek stars Daniel Levy, it tells the story of Mark Dreyfuss (Levy) as he deals with the aftermath of the tragic and sudden death of his husband Oliver (Luke Evans). Oliver was a successful writer whose series of fantasy books was adapted into a film franchise. Thus, the funniest scene in the film ironically occurs at Oliver’s funeral when the franchise’s lead actress (played by Dever) takes the microphone.

Before she even opened her mouth to say anything, Dever was already making me laugh. Her character wears a tight black strapless dress that barely reaches mid-thigh. On her head she wears a black pillbox hat with a lace veil. As she takes the stage, she very carefully crosses one five-inch heel in front of the other, striking a red carpet pose. This is truly an inspired physical comedy.

She goes on to give a not-so-sincere speech about how dear Oliver changed her life by giving her the opportunity to star in the franchise. Thanks to Levi for this hilarious written monologue. Standout lines include: “I remember reading Part Victoria Valentine’s first book for my audition” and “My heart breaks for his family and our film.”

Daniel Levy in The Good Grief
Photo: Netflix

Levi’s reaction to Dever’s antics is impeccable; he gives her David Rose’s patented method of blinking slowly and tilting her head. Dever then drives home this point in the final lines of the speech.

“He had so many more stories to tell,” she sobs, her voice cracking comically. “But life fucking sucks. And now we don’t know if we’ll end up making the fifth and sixth films, because he was still writing them.”

At this point, Dever turns his head to the heavens to directly address the late author. “Oliver, you little slut, I hope the studio gives them the green light and that we can continue telling your story for many years to come. Because we need them!”

I’ve never laughed so hard at a funeral scene. Unfortunately, Dever will never appear in the film again. Immediately after her speech, David Bradley (aka Argus Filch in Harry Potter) gives the audience an emotional boost by delivering a heartfelt and heartbreaking speech. But even though she’s on screen for less than a minute, Dever directs the entire film. This is what I call talent.

Can we bring this woman back to comedy please? Almost five years have passed since 2019. Book Shop. Apparently she was born to make them laugh.

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